Can't get enough celebrity news? Hooked on cop shows and reality TV?

The FBI has a Web site for you!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Freedom of Information- Privacy Act web site is a gold mine of gossip through declassified documents on a long list of "famous persons."

It's old news, and the only people you can spy on are dead, but it's fascinating reading that ranges from the tragic to the absurd. The files are written in authentic cop lexicon, using period technology. Typewritten mistakes are X'd out, with corrections typed above.

Mike Royko has a file because some nut calling himself "Michael Corleone" made a mail threat in 1976, and because a subversive group in Pennsylvania once mailed him stolen FBI documents.

Frank Lloyd Wright has a file because "in 1943, many Germans went to the Wright household and held musicals."

Writer, social activist and NAACP co-founder W.E.B. DuBois, the first African-American to graduate from Harvard University, has a 927-page file in five parts. In 1942, the FBI claimed his writing "indicates him to be a socialist" and that "he has been called a Communist." DuBois emigrated to Ghana, where he died in 1963.

Death threat

Mass murderer John Wayne Gacy's fingerprints and rap sheet are contained in a 17-page file that is mostly blacked out, but creepy just the same.

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