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    PA - Aggravated Assault+ of Three :: Lancaster County : 4 Apr 2008+


    Stanley K. Todd :: White / Male / 29 Years Old :

    Pequea [PECK'-way] Township, Lancaster County
    is in South-Eastern, PA.

    Fri., Dec. 4th: WHTM-TV :

    http://abc27.com/2015/12/04/fire-off...spected-abuse/ :


    http://abc27.com/2015/09/30/willow-s...abuse-charges/ :

    GRAPHIC Text

    Lower Court Criminal Docket SheetS:


    Pre-Trial Confinement in Lieu of $500,000 Bail.

    In My Opinion:

    Expecting an eventual Joinder in Upper Court of Common Pleas:


    [IMO, Joinder, and a Negotiated Plea will spare the WitnesseS

    the ordeal of TrialS, and slightly reduce the

    Defendant's Incarceration SentenceS.]
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    Already facing trial for sexually abusing young girls is facing 14 new charges including rape of a child.

    Stanley K. Todd, 29, is accused of sexually abusing three girls since 2000.

    According to the Southern Regional police, the latest charges stem from allegations that Todd sexually abused a young girl over six years, beginning when she was 10 years old.

    He also threatened to drown, cut her throat and “bash” her head in if she told anyone about the abuse.

    Police charged Michael T. Topper, 44, and Anthony Todd, 50, with failure to report suspected child abuse.

    Where do these people* come from, I know it's the planet that comes in-between Saturn and Neptune..

    *yes I'm using the word people loosely.

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