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    Ireland - Trevor Deely, 22, Dublin, 8 Dec 2000

    The disappearance of Trevor Deely.
    Trevor Deely vanished from the streets of Dublin in the early hours of December 8th, 2000,
    at the age of 22. No trace has ever been found of him.

    2014-12-08_new_5240747_I2.JPG When he went missing (Timeline) http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-s...sing-1.2120384

    trevordeely-390x285.jpg Age progression image (2010) http://www.garda.ie/Controller.aspx?Page=6652&Lang=1

    The disappearance of Trevor Deely, part 1 http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-s...rt-1-1.2120358
    The disappearance of Trevor Deely, part 2: the search http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-s...arch-1.2119911
    The disappearance of Trevor Deely, part 3: living with loss http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-s...loss-1.2119923

    Ten year anniversary appeal (2010)

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    Wow...I remember seeing his Missing poster in the streets of Dublin when I visited in August 2014.

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    Ireland - Trevor Deely, 22, Dublin, 8 Dec 2000

    I couldn't find a thread for Trevor on here so I thought I would start one.

    I only learnt of this case last week from a show about cold cases.

    Trevor was last seen in the early morning hours of 8 Dec 2000 in Dublin walking home after an office Christmas party. He has never been heard from again and multiple searches have turned up no clues.

    The show this case was featured on was Donal McIntyre's Unsolved (I will try to find a link). What I found most interesting was the CCTV footage of the man following Trevor quite closely as he was walking home. He was also spotted on CCTV talking to an unknown man outside his office building. I believe Trevor was not involved in an accident and was a victim of foul play but would be good to get some sleuthing done on this case.

    Some further reading;


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    I just saw the Unsolved episode as well. I was intrigued about his recent trip to Alaska, visiting a girl he liked? They briefly mention that they don't know if he had gone invited or uninvited? But then they didn't mention that particular topic again in the episode. Was his passport left at home I wonder?
    This is his missing person Facebook profile:


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