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    OK - Sawyer Jefferson, 16 mos, raped, beaten to death, Tulsa, 5 Dec 2015

    Cody Johnson has been taken into custody on a murder charge on suspicion that he beat and sexually abused the 1-year-old daughter of his girlfriend. Doctors found that the girl had multiple bruises and was bleeding from her vagina and rectum.


    I think I'm going to be ill..

    Sorry if this has already been posted.

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    "We've seen some pretty badly beaten and abused kids over the years, but this one's pretty bad. I mean, it is pretty bad," Smith said.

    Police said Johnson was the only one home with the child, and they have no reason to believe the child's mother knew about the abuse.

    That's why she was not arrested.

    “Often times, we find these type of situations where we find some volatility in these relationships, maybe domestic issues, but I don't know of any in this case," Smith said.

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    I can't find much media on this but he has court scheduled for 3/31/16.


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    What kind of drugs was he on? Surely the baby's mom knew he was a druggie??! That is the only explanation I know of for the obscenity unleashed on this child. And leaving her with someone on drugs is the equivalent, to me, of killing her.
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    Looks like he plead guilty in August. Sentencing is schedules for Dec. 14, 2016


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    Tulsa Man Receives Multiple Life Sentences For Rape, Murder Of 16-Month-Old Girl


    A Tulsa man is headed to prison for the rest of his life for the rape and murder of a 16-month-old girl.

    Cody Johnson's attorney asked the judge for mercy, but prosecutors argued Johnson deserved no more mercy than he showed his victim, Sawyer Jefferson.

    Prosecutors and police said there are no words to describe the brutality, savagery and horror of this case.

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