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    WA - Christy Phu, 14, shot to death, Seattle, 6 Dec 2015

    The victim's family members told police that Si Phu had demanded Christy Phu give him a pair of shoes that her father bought for her. She refused to hand over the shoes, prompting Si Phu to threaten her and point a gun at her on one occasion, reports indicate.

    Christy Phu barricaded herself in her bedroom with a cousin, moving a set of dresser drawers against the door, according to the cousin's account. The cousins were folding clothes and sitting on the bed when Si Phu reportedly kicked the door open, armed with a handgun, court records say.

    Si Phu allegedly said, "Are you ******ing kidding me?" and pointed the gun at his niece's head, firing one shot.

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    Oh my dear Lord! What the HE!! is wrong with people! He has a history of cyberstalking according to the above article. I think it's very possible this wasn't over shoes but over control issues he had. RIP beautiful Christy.

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    Who the #@!! shoots someone over shoes? There had to be something else going on unless he's insane. I don't really care either way, lock him up and toss the key.. before he kills again.

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    December 25. King County District Court Judge Arthur Chapman found probable cause Wednesday to hold 24-year-old Si Phu on investigation of first-degree murder of 14-year-old Christy Nguyen Phu. Judge Chapman order bail be set at $2 million.

    On the afternoon of Sunday, December 6th, Si Phu allegedly burst into Christy’s room and shot her once in the head according to the Seattle police. The reason for his outburst is allegedly due to the fact that Christy did not give her uncle a pair of Air Jordan sneakers. Christy had given him a pair of shoes but they were not the ones that he wanted. He allegedly wanted to sell the shoes.

    Si fled the scene and was arrested two days later at a house in Skyway. Si Phu’s father, brothers and a 16-year-old niece all identified him as the shooter, according to authorities.

    According to Seattle Police, a search of Christy’s phone revealed texts from Si stating that he would kill her. Si was previously found guilty in a domestic violence -cyberstalking case in Snohomish County. He had a concealed-weapons permit and was known to regularly carry a handgun according to court records. However, he lost the right to legally possess a firearm after pleading guilty to the charge in the cyberstalking case. It was his first criminal conviction.

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    Seattle man pleads guilty to killing his 14-year-old niece during dispute over pair of sneakers - August

    A 24-year-old man pleaded guilty Monday to killing his 14-year-old niece during what his family said was a dispute over a pair of Michael Jordan sneakers.

    Si Phu pleaded guilty in King County Superior Court to first-degree murder with a firearm enhancement.
    Seattle dad faces his girl's killer: 'I really miss my daughter' - September

    A Seattle man who killed his niece over a pair of shoes last year has been sentenced to 28 years in prison.

    Si Phu, 25, previously pleaded guilty to first-degree murder after killing his 14-year-old niece, Christy Phu. King County Superior Court Judge John Chun, who called the crime an "incredibly senseless and shocking killing," sentenced Phu Friday morning for the Columbia City killing.

    "I'm so hurt," Christy's father, Duc Dong, told Chun at the sentencing hearing. "I feel, like, crazy."
    "I'm sorry that our criminal justice system can only do so much to bring peace to your hearts," Chun told Christy's family in the courtroom, calling the case "truly heartbreaking."

    During his statement to the court, Dong recalled how he and Christy would spend Saturdays going on father-daughter outings, like at Alki Beach.

    "I really miss her," he said. "I really miss my daughter."

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    So Washington has light sentences? First degree murder with a firearms enhancement sounds like life in most states, not 28 years. When will he probably be out (with good behavior, etc...)?

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