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    Canada - Lorraine McNab, 47 & Peter Sopow, 52, Pincher Creek AB, 13 December 1997

    A double homicide in 1997 remains unsolved nearly two decades later.

    18-year old Southern Alberta Double Homicide Case Remains Open

    On December 13th 1997, 52-year-old Peter Sopow and his 47-year-old girlfriend, Lorraine McNab, were shot to death on her acreage just south of Pincher Creek. The victims were ambushed and shot outside and their bodies were then dragged into a horse trailer on the property. The bodies were found in that locked horse trailer just before noon on December 15th.

    Sopow, a 32-year veteran of the RCMP at the time of his death, was the father of two grown children, and a Sergeant with the Fort Macleod detachment.

    McNab was a kindergarten teacher at Canyon School in Pincher Creek and was the mother of two teenaged children. She and Sopow were both divorced and had been dating for about six months. For both of their families, 18-years is a long time to wait and wonder about who took the lives of their loved ones.
    Planned hit: Police looking for answers in deaths of Mountie, teacher - October 2011

    Whoever killed them used a .22-calibre weapon in what police believe was a well-orchestrated crime.

    “I think it was planned, a person lay in wait,” White says.

    “It would require premeditation, the scene examination seems to support that theory.

    “I don’t know if he was the main target or she was or if they were not targeted at all and just came across the crime and were victims.”
    Unsolved Canada Thread

    RCMP wants tips on 13-year-old double murder case - December 2010

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    File remains open in 1997 Southern Alberta double homicide - December 2016


    There is still an abiding hope that someone will provide that one last piece of sought-after evidence which could close the book on a 19-year old unsolved double murder in Southern Alberta.

    Local media continue to place the story in front of the public with the possibility that the conscience of the person or persons responsible for taking the two lives weighs heavier with the passing years and that the guilt of this case may prompt them to step forward.

    The RCMP do not deem the murder of Lorraine McNab and Peter Sopow a "cold case." The only thing cold about the case is the chilling details and it is particularly frustrating since one of the victims was an RCMP officer.

    While the victims have been laid to rest, their families and the RCIMP do not rest, and want an answer as to who is responsible.

    In 2004, RCMP Sergeant Keith Pearce of the Calgary Major Crimes Unit South, stated "Police have long since considered the same suspect is responsible and that focus has not changed".

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