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    Woman's test drive ends in swimming pool

    A woman escaped from a car as it plunged into a Bellevue swimming pool this morning, pulled from the vehicle by firefighters who dragged her through a sunroof.

    The incident took place shortly before 8 a.m. at the Racquet Club Estates condominiums in the 4400 block of 145th Avenue Northeast in the Overlake area.

    Witnesses said the woman had arrived to look at a red Buick Riviera that was being sold. With the woman behind the wheel, the car careened westbound out of the parking lot, went through two chain-link fences and down a slight embankment before it came to rest in the condo swimming pool, they said.

    "I heard a huge crash and then the car was in the pool," said Jennifer Myrick, a second-floor resident in a unit overlooking the pool.

    Myrick's boyfriend, Kris Aasgaarden, leaped into the pool to try to rescue the driver, but couldn't break the windows with the only tool available, a wooden baseball bat.

    "Just before the car went under, the Fire Department arrived and used all their axes to pull her out through the sunroof," said Aasgaarden.

    According to police, the woman driving the car was 20, from Lynnwood. She somehow mistook the gas pedal for the brake, said Officer Michael Chiu, Bellevue police spokesman.


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    I thought sure this would be a tale from Sarasota Florida but a 20 yr. old? Please don't give her a drivers license....she needs remedial work.

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    Wonder if she still wants to buy the car?

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    How can anyone who has ever driven a car, or had a license(the story was silent on both points) mistake the gas for the break.

    Give this women a bus pass.......and let her read a drivers ed book whille she tries to figure out the bus schedule.

    Now this is the colour red. Red means stop. No dear, don't confuse red and green. Green means go. Oh you were "confused" you thought that red means go........study a little bit harder will you. This is called the gas pedal, not dear both pedals are not the gas pedals, you have to stop the car, otherwise you might end up in a swimming pool.........

    My gawd.......

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