This is a very long but very good investigative piece on how a string of rapes carried out by serial rapist and stalker Marc O'Leary were investigated and eventually solved.

Lots of interesting (and horrifying) things to ponder are included in this piece, such as:

  • Victim-blaming
  • False accusations
  • False confessions
  • Some excellent detective work by a few LE members
  • Some terrible and downright victimizing detective work by a few other LE members
  • Issues regarding the danger in determining guilt or innocence based on demeanor, emotional expression, confusion, etc. (- for both accusers and the accused)
  • Issues with police department balkanization
  • Issues with information being withheld or not shared across departments and jurisdictions
  • Methods and planning employed by a serial stalker/rapist
  • DNA and touch DNA

etc. etc.

I urge everyone to consider reading this all of the way through.