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    DUNN, Hal

    This was all I could find on Hal Dunn

    Hal Dunn

    ROBERTA, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - In January 1987, Hal Dunn went missing after running away from sheriff's deputies and no one has seen him since.
    Back then, Hal Dunn enjoyed country living in Crawford County. He was a hunter, a fisherman, and at the end of the day a "mama' boy."
    "Any time he needed money, she'd give it to him. If she didn't give it to him, she'd expect me to give it to him because she wasn't home," Brenda Bassett, Dunn's older sister, said.

    She says although the 23-year-old was fun and loving -- he had a dark secret.

    "He said they were doing drugs, they were shooting up. I mean Hal did have a problem with drugs and stuff. We didn't know how bad," Bassett said.
    Then sheriff, Kerry Dunaway, pulled Dunn and a friend, Richard Reese, over on what was Bostick Road. They ran off into nearby woods, and Dunn was never heard from again.

    "They were doing drugs and both boys took off running," Bassett said.
    "His brother came to the sheriff's office and reported him missing on January 28, 1987 at 8 p.m," Crawford Sheriff Lewis Walker said.

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    I'll work this one.

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    Full name=James Howard Dunn


    Height: 67" Weight: 145 lbs.

    NamUs MP # 28758

    Case Information
    Status Missing
    First name James
    Middle name Howard
    Last name Dunn
    Nickname/Alias Hal
    Date last seen January 26, 1987 00:00
    Date entered 05/19/2015
    Age last seen 23 to years old
    Age now 52 years old
    Race White
    Sex Male
    Height (inches) 67.0
    Weight (pounds) 145.0
    City Knoxville
    State Georgia
    Zip code
    County Crawford
    Last seen running into woods following police stop. Wooded area subsequently searched and family has not heard from the missing person since. Subject who ran with the MP stated that they were together running until they were suddenly separated.

    Investigating Agency: Sheriff Lewis Walker
    Phone 478-836-3116
    Case number 87010097
    County Crawford County SO
    City Knoxville
    State Georgia

    No dental
    DNA available but not submitted.
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    Carbuff, FYI:
    At this location, http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...y-Oct-87/page2, in a June 2, 2015 post you mention you consulted newspaper archives about this MP.

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    This MP does't seem like a good match for our UID because, e.g. he's a little-ish guy, but I'm also not convinced he's not out there somewhere.
    His hair also doesn't look very red....
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    There's a James Howard Dunn age 51 in Florida, according to Intelius.

    There's a lotta James Howard Dunns, not to mention a famous actor.

    There's James Hal Dunns....

    There's a bunch of James Harold Dunns....... Hal is usually the nickname for Harold, not Howard.

    The James H Dunn NAMUS profile says there is DNA available, but not yet submitted.
    It also seems likely that given the number of namesakes, relative DNA could be had.
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    TV video version of above cold-case story:

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    I doubt this is our UID, and I'm not going to pursue this MP any further, but I'm still open to continue, if requested. In the meantime,


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