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    Lazy non-cooks making use of soup kitchens

    For decades they have been an invaluable source of nutrition for London's homeless, but now mobile soup kitchens are attracting new customers -- those who are not poor and needy but just too lazy to cook.

    More than 80 percent of the people using the capital's soup kitchens, which also hand out food such as sandwiches, are in fact not homeless, The Times newspaper reported on Saturday.

    Research by Westminster Council, whose remit covers much of the city centre, said that the 65 mobile soup kitchens were increasingly being seen as a free, convenient catering service.

    On a recent survey of outlets, council researchers heard of one man who was saving money to buy a football season ticket and regularly took sandwiches home to his apartment to eat in front of the television.


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    That's horrible...I can't believe people have enough nerve to do that.

    Happiness...consists in giving, and in serving others.
    - Henry Drummond

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    Although I think this is an awful thing.

    I do want to point out that it is these people who work and contribute to society that in the end pay for such things.

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    It is also called being selfish and greedy on the back of the needy......

    Also the law sees it as FRAUD........

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    Every year at Thanksgiving a resturant near my mother provides a free meal for their customers, but also for those in need. We often attend, but give a generous donation and tips. But often you see women showing up in their furs and in their caddies, and we watch them walk out without so much as leaving a dollar.

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