All for a woman named Mary. What a Christmas coincidence! (There is much more to the story than I posted here and is well worth the read.)

It's a Christmas story of angels that began with one woman trying to make it home for the holidays, but she had no way to get there besides walking.

The Newton Police Department was the first to step up and drove the woman to the Park City area. That's where Park City officer Duane Schrag saw her walking in the freezing cold and picked her up.

"We received a call at about 2:45 in the morning," said Motel 6 Desk Clerk Andrew Barton.

Barton said the call was from Schrag who was looking to find the woman a place to stay for the night. Schrag said all the homeless shelters were full. When the two arrived, Schrag said he offered to pay for the woman to sleep at the hotel, but Barton took over.

"Since she only had 20 dollars on her, the original plan was for me to make up the difference but I decided you know what it's the season of giving, I'll just pay it in full," Barton said.