Missing person details:
Name: Robert Lewis Christian
Nickname: Bob
Date of birth: 04/03/1959
Current age (if alive): 56
Age at disappearance: 18
Date of disappearance: 16/09/1977
Location of disappearance: Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
Height: 5’10
Weight: 210lb
Race: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Other distinguishing marks: Moustache and wire-framed eyeglasses with thick lenses
Clothing: Flannel shirt and blue jeans

Details of disappearance:
Robert went missing during a trip from Madison to Baraboo on September 16, 1977. He had dinner with his parents at their Madison home. After eating, he tossed a change of clothes and his bow hunting gear into the back of the Hornet station wagon at about 5:30 p.m. and headed to the bank.
After picking up $25, he planned to drive to Baraboo and meet a friend, local resident Randy Griffith, for Saturday morning deer hunting in the Baraboo Bluffs. If they were not successful taking a deer, Robert planned to return to Madison that afternoon and attend a Wisconsin Badgers game.
He stopped at a nearby Walgreens and picked up a pack of small cigars. Robert probably drove to the Madison Beltline Highway, headed west to Highway 12 and took it north to the Baraboo area.
At about 8 p.m., a Mauston woman visiting a nun near the Durward's Glen retreat site encountered a car in her friend's driveway that matched the description of the Hornet and had the same license plate. The young male driver of the car matched Robert's description and told the woman something like "I'm looking for my friend. I'm supposed to meet my friend." The young man said he must be at the wrong place and then drove away to the east, away from the relay tower.
At about 9:30 p.m. Randy Griffith's mother, a longtime family friend, called to say Robert had not arrived in Baraboo.

Robert’s parents called the Madison police, who eventually took a report on the disappearance and conducted an investigation.
Robert's vehicle was later recovered parked in a driveway near the State Patrol relay antenna on Tower Road southeast of the city. The wheels, tires and the battery was gone.
The Sheriff's Department followed up on a tip and found four old tires and the hubcaps from the Hornet in a quarry just south of the Badger Army Ammunition Plant and north of Prairie du Sac. Apparently, somebody had switched the tires from the new car for worn-out tires on their vehicle and then dumped the hubcaps. It is unknown if the stripping of the car and Robert's disappearance are connected, or if somebody found the Hornet after he disappeared and took what they could.
The Sheriff's Department brought in a bloodhound that followed Robert's trail a short distance from where he car was found, then lost the scent at Tower Road.
They also used a National Guard helicopter to search open fields in the area.

Possible body matches:
No credible matches.

Possible scenarios:
Scenario A: Disorientation from a hunting accident: In this scenario, Bob got into an accident whilst hunting: He had an accident whilst hunting and got temporary brain damage which caused him to become disorientated and drive to the wrong address in Durward’s Glen instead of driving to Randy’s house in Baraboo. Bob drove away from Durward’s Glen and whilst he was still in a state of disorientation, he stopped his car on Tower Road and then wondered off. Whilst walking through the woods, he stumbled across people using or manufacturing drugs. These people who were using drugs then killed Bob in order to silence him. They later stripped away parts of Bob’s car in order to render it unidentifiable…I think this scenario is overall quite unlikely, but I can’t help but think that drugs were somehow involved in the whole case. It’s entirely possible that Bob got into an accident whilst hunting, but I’m not sure if it would have led him to be so disorientated for such a long time. Also, I believe that he would in fact ask for help from the woman in Durward’s Glen, had he been disorientated. That said, if he had stumbled across something drug related, then he could easily have been murdered for this. There was quite a big problem with drugs in Wisconsin at the time.

Scenario B: Failed escape: This scenario is similar to scenario A, except when Bob stumbled on to other people using marijuana, he tried to escape, but the people using marijuana shot at Bob’s car wheels whilst he was driving away in order to stop Bob from escaping. They then murdered Bob and disposed of some parts of the car, including wheels, in order to remove any trace of this act…I think this scenario is slightly more likely than scenario A, as it explains the fact that the tires were found with bullet holes in.

Scenario C: Under the influence: In this scenario, Bob became lost due to the use of marijuana: Bob left Madison and bought cigars that could be used to make marijuana. He either had some marijuana or bought some, then chose to get high, either alone or with someone else. He decided to drive to Baraboo, but in his state, took wrong directions instead of going to Baraboo. When witnesses spoke to him, he made an excuse in order to drive off so that people wouldn’t talk to him as they would realise that he was under the influence. At this point, Bob did something that annoyed someone else. He may have stopped at a bar and caused trouble or driven too closely to someone else or done something generally wrong so that people shot at his tires. These tires were later taken in order to get rid of the evidence...I think this scenario may be the most likely out of the three. Bob must have either been disorientated or doing something he shouldn’t in order to end up in Durward’s Glen. In this state, he may not have been thinking straight and could indeed have done something that someone else thought he should be murdered for.