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    LA - NOPD officer convicted of raping 7 year old girl, 20 Aug 2003

    Sorry if this has been posted..
    A New Orleans police officer who was convicted of raping a 7-year-old girl will spend the rest of his life behind bars after his sentencing Tuesday.

    The lifetime term without probation or parole for Michael Thomassie, 41, follows a trial marked by prosecutors’ seizure of the cellphone they said Thomassie used to send raunchy texts to his girlfriend and a courtroom selfie. A jury convicted the 13-year veteran cop Aug. 20 of the aggravated rape of his then-girlfriend’s daughter, a second-grader, in 2003.

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    This is from August:

    Cop accused of raping ex-girlfriend’s daughter, 7, ‘took selfies and sent racy text messages’ during his trial

    But he still reportedly found time during his trial to exchange crude texts with his current girlfriend, in Florida, while awaiting his now teenage victim’s testimony.
    Prosecutor Laura Rodrigue, said: ‘We learned from a family member that he text messaged, “It’s not too late for [the accuser] not to show up,” that the state will have to drop the charges.
    “the best-case scenario is for [the girl] not to come forward and the state would have to drop the case.
    Good for her for showing up. She should be proud of herself.

    What is with people.

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    What a revolting human being. Shame that was the worst sentence he received...so far.
    Ignorance deceptively wins the argument with knowledge.....you see, knowledge is limited at any given point in time, ignorance is not.

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