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    TX - Austin, Skeletal remains near creek, Jan'16 - Darian Longoria


    A father and son searching with a metal detector near a creek in Austin located skeletal remains. They don't know yet if the remains are of a man or a woman.

    The location appears to be near a new neighborhood, under development at the time of this image:


    There are a number of missing persons cases in Travis County which can be searched at:


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    There was flooding near the Onion Creek area in October and some people were swept away. It seems like they found everyone in the article who was reported missing but there could be someone who wasn't reported yet.


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    It's still difficult to determine the size of the person due to deterioration but Block says it appears to be around five feet tall. The skeletal remains were found about 25 yards from Onion Creek.


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    Sources tell the Austin Police Department (APD) that the people who killed Darian believed he was involved in drug robberies.

    Media thread for Abby and Libby.


    WebSleuths Lingo thread.


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    From September:

    Police scour Onion Creek area for evidence from Austin teen’s murder


    Austin police are searching for new evidence in Onion Creek from the 2015 murder of Austin teen Darian Longoria.

    “We had to come out today because of the information we’ve been receiving,” said Detective Anthony Nelson with Austin Police Homicide Unit.

    While no suspects have been named, an Austin police detective assigned to the case says Darian was involved with the wrong crowd. Detective Nelson says the group sold drugs and killed Darian after holding him responsible for losing some of their product.

    “We know for a fact that Darian was a victim of this murder that was brought on by a gang here in Austin, a street gang,” Nelson said.

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