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    NY - Corruption at the top of the Suffolk County Police Dept. - Burke held w/out bail

    A recent Newsday editorial discusses the judge's memo declining bail and calls for a federal monitor:


    More from the NYT:


    Related thread in members-only Long Island Serial Killer (LISK) forum on websleuths: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...-December-2015

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    The case is explosive, not just for its tabloid-ready details, but because it comes at the same time as a broader federal investigation of the Suffolk County political machine and its hold over the local criminal justice system.


    The tentacles of the perverseness of justice run so deep now, it boggles the mind. Would not doubt this story pales in comparison to other stories. Jmo.

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    Is there a WS thread about the murdered young boy? My hackles are up.

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    I've been lurking in the LISK forums for a couple of years. I'm not local there and the case seems to be way over my head, but one poster has been talking about LE corruption and this case for a long time. I guess he/she knew what they were talking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EllieBee View Post

    Is there a WS thread about the murdered young boy? My hackles are up.
    That I am aware, there is no thread on the 1979 murder of John Pius. If, however, you do a web search, you can find various articles/discussions. Here's a decent article that gives an overview of that tragic case.

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