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    OH - Family held hostage, bank manager forced to rob Ontario bank, 6 Nov 2015

    From November:


    The manager of a Key Bank branch in Ontario, Ohio told police that his family was held hostage while he was forced to steal money from the bank.

    Brian McConnell said he was forced to drive to the location on Lex-Springmill Road Friday morning, steal money and bring it back to his home.

    When the man got back to his house on Millsboro Road, his family was released, according to police.
    From last month:


    Two people have been arrested after police said that they held a bank manager and his family hostage overnight and forced him to help them rob a bank.

    Taylor Crisman and Chris Hill were arrested after a traffic stop in Galion, Ohio Wednesday, the Cleveland Division of the FBI reports.

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    According to federal grand jury records, Crisman and Hill were each indicted on 11 counts of bank robbery, possession of ransom money, hostage taking and brandishing a firearm in relation to the commission of a felony.

    The grand jury further indicted Hill on intimidation of a witness charges...

    Hill and Crisman are set to be arraigned at 10:30 a.m. Jan. 12 in Cleveland.

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    $194,845 smackers = better than the usu haul from a bk robbery.

    After keeping bk mgr's wife & 2 children hostage overnight, and forcing bk mgr to get the $ and return home, how did they think they were going to get away w it, well ultimately?
    I'm thankful that entire fam was released unharmed. Could have ended verrrrry badly for the fam.
    Personally hoping convictions result for the perps.

    And a big thank you to whoever called FBI tip line after sketch was made public.

    And TYVM OkieGranny for keeping us updated on so many threads.

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