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    TX - Everilda Chilel Lopez, 20, Brooks County, 1 Jan 2016

    Everilda Chilel Lopez

    Agents continue search for missing woman

    "It has been eight days since 20-year-old Everilda Chilel Lopez of Guatemala was abandoned, too weak and injured to continue walking through the vast, desolate ranchlands of Brooks County.

    Her smuggler told family members it was cold and raining that night, so the group left her covered in black trash bags near a dried up lake about two hours south of the county airport. The group had been walking for four days through the thick brush, trying to circumvent the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint near Falfurrias.

    Between January 2014 and December 2015, there were 96 Guatemalan natives reported missing in the Rio Grande Valley that were never heard from again, according to Guatemalan consulate statistics.

    Authorities searching for Everilda have also been looking for a second woman who was left behind and the body of a man who a witness said was stomped to death by the same smuggler.

    The last time Marta Lopez spoke to her younger sister was the Sunday after Christmas. Everilda had just crossed the Rio Grande and was being housed near McAllen along with a small group of illegal crossers, Marta said.

    “The last thing she said to me was, ‘If it’s God’s will, I will be there with you soon to celebrate the New Year,’” Marta recalled Friday.

    Everilda left her home in the village of Union, Guatemala, just after Christmas with the hope of continuing her studies in the United States. The youngest of seven sisters, Everilda always loved school but the lack of money forced her to begin working in the coffee fields at an early age, Marta said.

    “She has always been really smart,” Marta said. “She wanted to go to school so she could get a good job and help out our family who is really poor........"


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    A man who was part of the group called her family and said she was not the only one that was left behind during their four-day trek through Brooks County. “He said there were three people that were left behind that same Saturday,” Marta said after speaking to the unidentified man over the phone. “They were left on the same day but they were left far apart.”

    The man told Marta the smuggler first left behind a man after he kicked him and busted his face. He said he was sure the man was dead because his body was heavy and felt lifeless when he moved him to a clearing nearby.
    A man who was part of the group called her family and said she was not the only one that was left behind during their four-day trek,
    “He said he cried when they left the man behind and the guide did not want them to move his body, but he dragged him to a nearby trail and leaned him against a small tree,” Marta said.

    The man said their group grew smaller when they abandoned a second woman in the brush that afternoon. Everilda was the last one they abandoned only a few hours before they were picked up past the checkpoint near Farm-to-Market Road 2191 about 7 p.m. Saturday. According to the National Weather Service, there was a low of 50 degrees Fahrenheit that night with light to heavy rain in the Falfurrias area. Friday night a rancher guiding a group of hunters about four miles southeast of the Brooks County airport stumbled upon the body of a woman believed to be in her twenties. Martinez said Saturday the initial investigation revealed no signs of foul play and state of decomposition pointed to a recent death.

    The body was recovered and transported to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Laredo for an autopsy. No identification was found on the woman’s clothing and investigators continued trying to determine her identity Saturday night.
    This is so awfully sad..


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    That coyote' should be charged with multiple murders. I hope they caught him at that checkpoint.
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    My God that poor woman! Why/how was she so injured she couldn't walk anymore?

    What a monster this guy is! I hope he is charged and locked up. So inhumane.

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    While I am not for illegal immigration, this story put a face on their heartbreaking desperation to better themselves. I am sure there are hundreds of people who have been unnecessary victims of this despicable coyote. There has got to be a way to allow for legal entry to a safe zone in the States that would do away with these evil, vile smugglers who prey on desperate poor people fleeing impossible situations. This is beyond sad.

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    WebbCounty medical examiners identified the body of 20-year-old Everilda Chilel Lopez on Tuesday, two weeks after she put her life in the hands of a coyote now sought by authorities. RIP Everilda, it's sad this is the end of your dream..

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    This tragic story is a good reminder to be thankful for my education and the numerous comforts afforded to me because I live in a first-world country.

    I wish this story would get more publicity. Regardless of anyone's views on immigration, it's important that we remember that each migrant is a human with their own struggles and dreams. RIP Everilda, and may your bravery inspire greater compassion.

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