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    IL - Jessica Wisinski got 8 years but her baby got a life sentence


    A Carpentersville woman was sentenced Wednesday to eight years in prison for violently shaking her infant son in 2003, leaving him brain damaged and unable to move without assistance...

    The boy, Desmond Anderson, now 3, appeared in court propped up in a wheelchair. He is in the care of Wisinski's aunt, Annette Soper of Wonder Lake, who is receiving financial support for him from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The boy is not expected to live to adulthood, Bayer said.

    Soper testified that caring for the boy is a full-time responsibility because he is unable to move independently, has impaired vision and experiences daily seizures that can be fatal if unchecked. Although he will never walk or talk, he responds to sounds, she said.

    "He wakes up smiling; he goes to bed smiling. He's an amazing little boy," she said. "It's hard knowing one day I'll lose him."...

    Prosecutors said the child struck his head on the inside of the crib when Wisinski threw him into his bed. She shook him again when he continued to cry, prosecutors said. The boy suffered a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and bruises.

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    When Annette Soper adopted her great-nephew Desmond, she had to make $30,000 worth of modifications to a one-story house in Wonder Lake...

    Now Soper is being forced to put the house up for sale....

    "I feel like the system failed him. I never thought we would have to get out. I know she [Julie] has rights. What about his rights, and a home where he thrives, and is modified specifically for him?”


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