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    Indonesia - Deadly bomb and gun attacks in Jakarta

    Deadly bomb and gun attacks in Jakarta

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    Jakarta attacks: Deadly blasts, shootout hit Indonesian capital


    Here is the chronology of the attack, as outlined by police spokesman Anton Charliyan:

    -- At 10:55 a.m.local time, an first attacker blew himself up at a Starbucks coffee shop.

    -- Two other attackers outside Starbucks then seized two foreigners, a Dutch citizen and an Algerian citizen.

    -- The attackers then opened fire, shooting people on the street.

    -- They then dragged the two hostages into a parking lot and shot them. The Dutch citizen was killed. The Algerian was injured.

    -- Police then found the two attackers and fired at them. The attackers responded by throwing two grenades at police.

    -- Minutes later, two attackers rode a motorcycle toward a police post near the mall and blew themselves up.

    In total, there were five explosions in the area. Police also found another five unexploded bombs and two pistols in the area, Charliyan said.

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