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    UK - Poppi Worthington, 13 mos, dies with suspicious injuries, Barrow, 12 Dec 2012

    A 13-month-old girl was sexually assaulted by her father shortly before her sudden death, a judge has found.

    Poppi Worthington was found with serious injuries at her home in Barrow in December 2012.
    Her father, Paul Worthington, 47, was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault but not charged with any offence.

    He always denied any wrongdoing and issued a statement saying he did not accept the latest findings and had never hurt his daughter.
    Fresh evidence would be required to launch a new criminal investigation.

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    UK- 13mo old Poppi - insufficient evidence to charge dad.


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    Poppi Worthington: CPS backs decision not to charge father over death


    No criminal charges will be brought over the death of 13-month-old Poppi Worthington, the Crown Prosecution Service has said.

    “The CPS subsequently received an application under the victims’ right to review scheme in September 2016. In accordance with the scheme, a CPS lawyer with no prior involvement in the case has completed a full review of the evidence and has concluded that the decision not to charge was correct.”
    Fiona McGhie, a lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, representing Poppi’s mother, said: “Poppi’s mother is understandably both distressed and disappointed by the CPS’s decision not to bring a prosecution regarding her death.

    “She has always been anxious to know exactly what happened to Poppi on the day of her death as well as to secure justice for her little girl. She hopes that an inquest, which was delayed while the CPS examined its decision, will shed some light on Poppi’s injuries and create a path to justice so her daughter can finally be at peace.”

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