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    JonBenet Ramsey Forum Will Follow The Same Rules

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for your patience. Due to personal issues it has been a long time since I have been on the JBR forum and things have been a bit crazy.

    After looking at the JBR forum and what was allowed in the past I have decided that the JonBenet Forum has to follow the same rules as the rest of Websleuths.

    On the other forums we do not allow speculation concerning random people who have never been named as a suspect. From now on this is going to be the rule on Websleuths.

    Why should I allow innocent people's names to be dragged through the mud because someone thinks they are guilty of killing JBR and yet have ZERO evidence.

    From now on we will only discuss the people who were in the house the night JonBenet died.

    There has never been anything remotely solid that shows an intruder. In fact, it's just the opposite.

    We have a book written by a man with great integrity who had access to all the evidence in this case. We have all the evidence from that book.

    James Kolar's book is the handbook of facts and common sense conclusions in the JBR case.

    Remember Kolar quit his job with the Boulder D.A.'s office as lead investigator in the case. He only wrote the book out of frustration. Kolar paid for the publication himself. Kolar has done everything possible to show he has written this book for the right reasons.

    If anyone does not have a copy of the Kolar's book "Foreign Faction : Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet" please let me know and I will send you a copy.

    Unless you can find something the police haven't we are sticking with discussing the only viable people in this case. John, Patsy, or Burke.

    I know a handful of you will be really upset. I'm not stopping you from discussing your theory just from discussing your theory on Websleuths.

    To reiterate I am applying the same rules on this forum as are on all the other forums on Websleuths.

    Next time I will come back with the legitimate DNA information. No more making up you theory how DNA testing works. We are sticking to experts.

    Thank you,

    Websleuths is TEMPORARILY accepting donations.

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    Even though Tricia's post about this was many months ago, I still think people should re-read this.

    Though the intruder theory is highest unlikely, I do think there were some well-meaning posters who believed in it with good intentions. I personally like to be open to all theories, but there are good reason for the above rules and they should be followed.

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