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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Patience Everyone :)

    Dear Websleuths Members,

    Beach, No It's Not, and KateB are working as fast as they can to upload the the latest videos just released in the Sievers case.

    These videos are huge and take a long time to upload and there are a lot of them.

    We are all anxious to watch the videos. All I ask is please give these three your patience and understanding as they work in this very large project.

    Thank You,
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    Tricia Griffith
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    It doesn't look like NBC-2 has downloaded much more of them either.

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    Thank you, Tricia. If one ever deals with movie files larger than 1GB, you will find out "quickly" it is an endeavor. The index shows the size of the individual files. Google really needs to improve their upload rate.

    Nobody anticipated only audio/video files in this doc dump. You should have see the faces of the personnel and media people at the SAO - hello "Mr. Newspress.. - rolling in with caddies and rolling out with one little brown envelope with 7 CDs..I laughed all the way home.

    Then I stopped laughing, when I realized the huge file size..

    If the key does not fit, it's the wrong key.

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    Thank you EVERYONE working on these videos