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    Australia - Wife has last word in murder for hire plot


    A woman showed up at her own funeral, terrifying her husband, who police say paid to have her killed.

    The kidnappers kept the cash and set Rukundo free. They also gave her evidence to incriminate Kalala.

    Kalala was sentenced in December to nine years in jail.

    ETA I put 'victim' that way because she didn't end up getting murdered, not because I think she's not a victim. I saw the subject line again and it looked it bit odd. Sorry about that.
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    I read this story the other day and got a great laugh from it..

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    Me too. I especially enjoyed that the husband was terrified and thought he literally saw a ghost. I'm so glad this lady got a bit of payback in for all the terror she must have gone through while she was being held.

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