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    RI - Washington Co., WhtFem UP12682, 20-70, in Narragansett Bay, Aug'94

    NamUs UP Case 12682


    Unidentified White female
    * Found August 28, 1994 in Washington County, RI
    * Estimated Year of Death: 1993 to 1994
    Estimated postmortem interval:1 Year

    Vital Statistics
    * Estimated age: Adult - 20-70
    * Approximate Height: 64 Estimate
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: Skeletal findings:
    On the lateral surface of the distal right tibial shaft (2030-94) the bone is slightly rough and corresponds to a similarly rough area on the medial surface of the distal fibula. This may indicate a healed ankle sprain since the roughened bone is in the area where the ligaments would be torn. The bone of the right tibia also has other irregular lipping and rough areas that may or may not be noted in the person's medical history.

    * Dentals: Dental information / charting is not available

    * Clothing/Jewelry:
    Four fiber bands were found with the right tibia and fibula recovered in case 2030-94. There was one yellow-beige fiber, two blue-purple fibers, and one off-white fiber. The fibers were wrapped in cloth-like pieces around the proximal end of the right tibia.

    * DNA:
    Sample submitted - Tests complete

    Case History:
    2866-94: Left tibia...was recovered on MA side of Narragansett Bay but delivered by MA Medical Examiner Office to RI OSME.
    2030-94: Right tibia and fibula were recovered in Narragansett Bay.
    These cases were determined to be remains of the same individual due to DNA analysis, anthropological analysis, similar estimated time since death, and location recovered.

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    A person with mobility problems? We should understand what kind of bands are; maybe medical ?

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    For what it's worth, I was in marching band and have a similar injury to my ankle.

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