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    TX - Woman receives 50 years after being turned in by alert store clerk

    District Attorney Bobby Bland says an Odessa stepmother sentenced Monday to 50 years for abuse she heaped on her 10-year-old stepson “earned every minute of it.”
    The boy was rescued when a quick-thinking department store clerk noticed the boy’s injuries and decided to follow the family while calling 9-1-1. On Dec. 13, 2013, a clerk at Ross Dress for Less, 3887 E. 42nd St., called 9-1-1 about a woman threatening her child in the store.

    Trina Urquidi previously told the Odessa American she was working at the store when she noticed a “little boy that looked real sick.” She said she was unsure if the then 10-year-old boy was seriously ill and then she saw injuries on the boy’s face and noted how he was unable to stand up under his own power.

    When the family left the store, Urquidi wrote down their license plate number and called 9-1-1, and proceeded to follow the family until they pulled into the parking lot of Denny’s, 105 W. 42nd St.
    This shows you that one person can make all the difference. This store clerk probably saved this child's life!


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    Good that her husband James Carroll also has charges pending. This doesn't happen in a vacuum - the child was starving.

    It doesn't look like either one of them missed a meal:


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    Three cheers for the store clerk!!
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