From 2012:

On Feb. 6, 2008, someone walked into Smith’s sawmill on Thomas Road in Woodland, robbed him and shot him to death. The victim’s wife, Barbara, found the body.

Darrel Smith owned and operated Smith’s Sawmill and Logging, which was next to his home in this community of about 1,400 that abuts Caribou in Aroostook County...

Cote said that police have always believed the killer or killers were familiar with the sawmill, which looks like a private residence. Smith had no signs advertising the establishment, and word of mouth was used to secure business. Police believe the perpetrator or perpetrators knew he was running a cash-only business and would have money on hand since he did not accept credit or debit cards at his facility.

The killer or killers of the 56-year-old sawmill owner, whom friends and family say had no enemies, escaped the grasp of police ever since.

On Thursday, Maine State Police Lt. Troy Gardiner said that although the investigation remains active and a detective continues to pursue the case, police have little new information to report...

Police believe robbery was the motive since Darrel Smith’s wallet was taken and a safe was missing from the residence... They have recovered the safe and the weapon used to kill Smith but would not comment on what kind of gun it was or where the items were found.