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    MO - St Louis Co., WhtFem, 25-30, skeletal remains in cave, 1950s

    NamUs UP Case 9798


    Unidentified Unsure female
    * Found in 1950s in St.Louis County, IL (seized by police in 10/2011)

    * Estimated Year of Death: to

    Vital Statistics
    * Estimated age:
    Adult Pre 30
    * Approximate Height: 62
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: nothing.

    * Dentals: Dental information /charting is available and entered

    * Clothing/Jewelry: nothing

    * DNA:
    Sample submitted - Tests complete

    Case History:
    Skeletonized remains in association with non-human remains were reportedly recovered in the 1950s from the interior or a cave (known as "Bruce Cave" and/or "Goat Bluff Cave") by a local who's family owns the land (Pulaski County). He reportedly had to partially excavate the remains. He has reportedly kept the remains at his residence in St. Louis County since discovery. The remains were seized by police in 10/2011 and forwarded to the MEO for analysis.

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    Unsure female moderators correct this title please!

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    That's weird. Why would he dig them up and just keep them without telling anyone?

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    How sure are we that these are the remains of someone that could ever be identified?

    By that, I mean are they even modern? I don't see an estimate for how long they've been deceased.

    Goat Bluff Cave (23PU44)

    Goat Bluff Cave Burials (23PU44)
    Goat Bluff Cave was investigated and published by Gerard Fowke (1922) as part of his archaeological research in the Ozarks region of Missouri. His report included photographs and descriptions of four burials. Fowke discovered a flexed adult burial at a point 35 feet from the dripline of the cave.
    I tried searching for the cave on maps and couldn't find it. I found the general area and it seems fairly remote.

    I looked up the address listed on NamUS and got confused as it wasn't the same place I was looking for the cave and is in a subdivision.

    Then I noted that it was for the man's current (or at least his 2011) address, not the farm where the cave is.
    That's where the bones technically were in 2011.

    goat bluff skull.jpg

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