NamUs UP Case 6169

Unidentified black male
* Found 27 August 2002 in Richmond, VA
* Estimated Year of Death: 2002
* Estimated postmortem interval:

Vital Statistics
* Estimated age: Adult pre 70

* Approximate Height: 63 estimate
* Distinguishing Characteristics:
Healed depression fracture at bregna, skull. Healed fracture of left nasal bone. Healed trauma, right femur. Fusion of lateral and medial shafts of the right tibia and fibula. Spina bifida of the 4th and 5th sacral elements.

* Dentals: Dental information /charting is available and entered
* Clothing/Jewelry:
A pair of blue tennis shoes, size 10.

* DNA:
Sample submitted - Tests complete

Case History:
A workman at Riverside Brick Yard & Supply Company discovered the body of a black male in a dump site on their property. The body was in the bushes, buried under bricks in a shallow ravine.