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    OK - Jamala Monroe, 28, & Zicole Monroe, 22 Charged Sex Abuse 14 yo Girl, 200+ Counts

    A married couple from Oklahoma City, Jamala Monroe, 28, and Zicole Monroe, 22, were arrested after being accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl. After police in Oklahoma City began to investigate the case, more complaints came forward which added 137 additional counts of sexual child abuse for the Monroes, bringing the total charges for the couple to more than 200 counts of abuse, according to a February 14 report from Oklahoma City News.

    The alleged abuse took place in the Monroes’ apartment, may have begun during the summer of 2015 and went on for months. Court records shared by KFOR state that Jamala mapped out his rapes of the 14 year old by planning them on a calendar inside his apartment.


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    More info about the circumstances in this article from 2-17-2016.
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    I hope they throw the book at them and they are raped everyday they are in prison.

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