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    Woman Ticketed For Sitting On Park Bench With No Kids

    It's an only in New York story. A woman was given a ticket for sitting on a park bench because she doesn't have children.

    The Rivington Playground on Manhattan's East Side has a small sign at the entrance that says adults are prohibited unless they are accompanied by a child. Sandra Catena, 47, said she didn't see the sign when she sat down to wait for an arts festival to start.

    Two New York City police officers asked her if she was with a child. When she said no, they gave her a ticket that could bring a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail.

    The city parks department said the rule is designed to keep pedophiles out of city parks, but a parks spokesman told the Daily News that the department hoped police would use some common sense when enforcing the rule.


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    I saw her on one of the cable news stations yesterday. Apparently there are signs around the playground, but there wasn't one visible from the bench she was sitting on.

    Of course she's going to fight it!


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    Isn't this a "public" park. There is something wrong with that law. I hate to think that I could be excluded from a "public" park because I was by myself. They will have to add another symbol om the park signs, a circle with a slash across the 1 adult person in the circle.

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    Unfortunately, the term "common sense" is so often an oxymoron. Sense is just not that common, it seems.

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