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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Mr. Juan Martinez is my next guest on True Crime Radio Thursday March 24th

    Hi Everyone,

    Yes, Mr. Martinez will be on the show tomorrow night Thursday, March 24th.

    YEEEHAAA as we say in Utah when we get really excited.

    Keep posting your questions.

    Remember the show is now pre-recorded.

    I will record the interview with Mr. Martinez tomorrow (Thursday) at 9 PM Eastern. At approx 10:30 PM Eastern the show will be posted at http://www.truecrimeradio.com/radio-archives/

    Anytime after 10:30 PM Eastern you can listen to the show.

    So keep the questions coming.

    Thank you!!!

    What would you like me to ask Juan Martinez?

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    Thank you for the thread, and best of luck getting JM on the show!

    More questions will occur to me, but here are a few:

    1. Do you know for sure or have an opinion you can share about whether or not JA was threatening Travis with exposure about the May 10 call or the like on May 26?

    2. Did I understand correctly in your book that she began actively planning to murder Travis in mid-May, when she called Brewer to borrow the gas cans? Do you have an exact date for that first call?

    3. Do you believe (or have evidence we didn't hear about that you are allowed to share ) that JA was able to hack into TA's phone and texts at will?

    4. When do you think Travis was first aware of her arrival on June 4th?

    5. Do you know who Travis was texting with on May 13th for the whole day, in the text records "NA55, " and whether or not JA was either NA55 or hacking in to his texts /online to listen to the exchange?

    6. I've read all of TA's texts from Dec.07 through June 08. If at some point after appeals the email record between Travis and JA was released, would it provide a different perspective on their "relationship" or just much more of the same?

    7. A screen was off TA's office window and on the ground when LE investigated. Do you think JA entered or left his house via this window?

    8. Was TA's diamond ring ever recovered? Do you think JA stole items from TA's house on June 4?

    9. Why do YOU think she left the camera in the wash?
    RIP, Cassini. To her tireless overseers- job well done.

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    10. Some of us believe TA's camera time was set incorrectly and the murder happened earlier than ~5:30 pm. Please comment.

    11. Do you know why JA filled 3 gas cans at SLC? She didn't need them for the rest of her trip.

    12. Do you know what was the 'incriminating' event JA mentioned on May 22 - 26 texts which she refused to put down in writing or leave voice mail?

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    Your explanations of trial strategy were IMO the most fascinating part of the book, the most riveting being the huge risk you took by not bringing in the gas cans during your case in chief, waiting for your cross of Brewer to bring in the 2 cans, and for your cross of her to bring in the 3rd.

    Along those lines. Was it challenging for you to shape the narrative you told of Arias other than the straightforward Arias at the crime scene and beyond?

    In other words, from information after the trials (journals and texts, etc. and from the testimony by DeMarte during the retrial, it would seem that JA went to far greater lengths to manipulate, control, and torment Travis than was made known during the guilt phase trial in particular, and the things that she did and said make her sound even more dangerous and twisted.

    Was your narrative of Arias as a scorned woman with BPD trimmed/simplified in any significant way, and if so, why? To not dilute your focus on proving premeditation? Because of restrictions on evidence allowed in?
    RIP, Cassini. To her tireless overseers- job well done.

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    Keeping fingers crossed he'll be on the show - I get my book on Monday - so I'll write down any questions I have!!

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    Page 38, "About a week into the investigation, Flores called my office with some curious news. Arias had traveled more than one thousand miles - fifteen hours on the road - from Northern California to Mesa on June 17 to provide biological swabs for use in DNA testing and to provide fingerprints samples."

    I thought she flew to Travis' memorial service which was on June 16th (and exchanging phone numbers on the return flight), so is this driving info an error?

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    I'm sure I'll think of more (esp. once my not-yet-delivered book arrives) but for the moment:

    What was the content of the 90+ pictures undeleted on the memory stick in Travis' camera?

    Will all of the trial-related sealed documents have to wait until appeals are exhausted before being unsealed/released to the public?

    Can you offer any insight as to why JA's jail records have not been released and were turned over (to the prosecutor's office?) for investigation?

    Why was Matt McCartney never subpoened as a witness, considering JA spent time with him before going to Mesa and called him on the 4th after she murdered Travis?

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    1. Is it a typo that TA's camera is referred to as a Sanyo and not the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9 in your book?
    2. Were there no pictures of JA(hair colour/length and cut finger/s) from either the Salt Lake City conference she went to with Ryan Burns on June 5/08, or the memorial for TA on the 16th?
    3. Was there evidence that JA hid out in the garage(ie. in TA's car with his journal or going through boxes) while waiting for the coast to clear before she entered the house?

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    Arias stole Travis Alexander's journal. Apart from the obvious motive of spying on him, was it also to find time spaces to use as bases for future lie constructions or alibis?

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    Why didn't you elaborate on Arias tripping up and admitting her finger was damaged during the killing? For me, it was the most dramatic moment of brilliant cross-examination. Breathtaking.

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    The famous photo of Jodi's foot snapped accidentally during the murder seems to show a shoe, including eyelets and laces, with a black sock over it. Was this an important factor in considering significant prior preparation, i.e. premeditation?

    The black shoes Jodi was arrested in look like they might be a similar style to the ones in the photo:were they ever tested for Travis' blood?

    Is there any insight as to why Jodi was dressed so immaculately (bright white pants 'n' all) so early on the morning she was arrested? Like she's off to a beach party. She didn't come to her grandparents' door in a bathrobe or just throw on jeans and a top?

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    The foreman of the penalty phase retrial said in an interview with Jen of Trial Diaries the jury tried to figure out what had happened on May 26 to make Travis so angry.

    He said the consensus conclusion was JA had told Travis in a text sometime within a week prior to the 26th that she needed or wanted to go to her bishop "stat."

    There is no such text in TA's full May text records. Was the foreman referring to an email she sent, rather than a text?

    Follow up question- - TA does not appear to have sent JA any texts between May 22 and May 25, and vice versa. Is it possible to tell us whether or not any emails were exchanged on those days?
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    You (JM) provided the defense the receipts for the gas can, the gas purchased from the gas station (can't remember the name), a person's name from Walmart, a person's name from the gas station, bank statements etc. all the discovery and yet the defense could not put 2 x 2 together. From the trial the defense was totally blind sided especially when they asked to look at the receipts and did the math in their heads and actually discovered YES indeed there was a third can. It was obvious at that point the defense knew JA didn't tell them about the third can. Two questions: Did JA ever physically look at the discovery evidence especially this and do you think JA didn't tell her defense team this information?

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    Hello Mr. Martinez,

    During the first Guilt Phase, there was a point during the trial where Jodi was on the stand talking about how she supposedly retrieved a gun that Travis allegedly kept hidden on the very top of a shelf in the corner of a closet.

    To help disprove that obvious lie, was there ever any thought to bringing in the actual 7 foot tall shelf from Travis old house to have it right in front of the jury for demonstration purposes?

    Having the actual shelf could have helped demonstrate to the jurors how difficult it would have been for anyone to try to stand on one of the lower shelves and use one hand to hold onto another shelf to keep their balance from falling backward and to use their other hand to attempt to reach way up over 7 feet high to the top far corner.

    Since those shelves were free floating shelves that rested on pins then it is likely those shelves would have become displaced by her hands or feet as she attempted to reach to the very top far corner.

    There was verbal testimony that helped explain the ridiculousness of her story but the actual shelf may have been more dramatic and wonder why it was not brought into the courtroom or if it was possible to do that?

    It seems a lot of Travis friends and associates suspected Jodi of slashing his tires and being very obsessed with him. Is there a reason more of his friends were not asked to testify about the suspicions they had about Jodi?

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    Did you feel it was necessary - for yourself, if not for trial, to try to nail down every single one of her doctored emails and texts and journal entries, and every one of her big lies to Travis?

    Not just for this case but in general, do you walk away and absolutely put it all away mentally, or do you have aha moments after the fact about one or another piece of evidence you hadn't used during trial?
    RIP, Cassini. To her tireless overseers- job well done.

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