Cold Case: Daughter searches for father's killer, 35 years later
Published 6:00 PM CST Feb 19, 2016

On June 13, 1981, George Abshire was stabbed to death inside what was the Bonanza restaurant in New Orleans East. Now a funeral home, it's located off the Interstate 10 service road near Read Boulevard.

His murder was a shocking blow to his family of seven, who had called New Orleans home for less than a year. Abshire had moved to New Orleans to follow his calling in the ministry. The family was living on the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary campus.

When he wasn't studying or taking care of his family, Abshire was working as a manager at Bonanza. Shortly before his death, New Orleans cold case detective Winston Harbin said that there were reports of several disgruntled employees, one of whom had just been fired.

Harbin identified the former employees as Richard Rattler and Randy Pittman and said they are both considered persons of interest.

Pittman was the employee fired, and has been back in the headlines in connection with the killing of 14-year-old Miquail Jackson, who was shot two years ago in Central City.


Harbin said that he believes that Rattler now lives in Texas, and would like to interview him about this case.

If you have any information that can help cold case detectives, contact the NOPD at 504-658-5300.