Rafael "Estrella" Alvarado

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San Antonio, Texas -
25-year-old Rafael Alvarado is transgender and now goes by Estrella. The San Antonio Police Department is very concerned about Estrella's disappearance. Estrella was last seen in the Basse/Blanco area on September 9th, 2015.

Month's earlier, Estrella was rescued by the San Antonio Fire Department during the Memorial Day Flooding. After the rescue, witnesses saw Estrella leave the scene with her boyfriend. Police also believe he was the last person Estrella was with when she disappeared.

Those who know Estrella have been sharing very troubling information with SAPD's Missing Person's Unit.

"They have alleged that the boyfriend was very abusive, and the word that they used to describe it is severe," said Sandra Pickell with the San Antonio Police Department.

Pickell also went on to say there are reports of Estrella's boyfriend wearing a rosary Estrella would never take off.

"Other people that have spoken to him, to the boyfriend, he has stated that he has collected money in order to have enough funds to cremate the body, and send the remains to Mexico," added Pickell.