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    I just looked at your pics Mystic... I have no interest in watching the show LOL but uhmmm did they show anything "real" in that show? Not by the looks of your pics ;-)

    Nice to see you back!

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    Absolutely! ( BBM & Underlined by me )
    Quote Originally Posted by MysticJynx View Post
    they talked about the same evidence presented in MaM but MaM is biased and this is not? I took some screen shots of the show Did he do it. I will show you the way they dramatize it is fiction. NOT FACT. They even go as far as saying he's a sex offender. To my knowledge he to this day has never been convicted of a sexual crime to warrant being called one. KK on the other hand. Please see the album for the pictures. http://www.websleuths.com/forums/album.php?albumid=2127 You can see how they Dramatized it to fit MG's book. laughs KEYS LAUGHS.

    But remember Gahn Said it best. "That's what I'm trying to get across. If you want to be very rigid and say the protocol is the protocol and you can never deviate from this whatsoever, I don't think most people believe that's how life operates. That sometimes you do have to deviate just to make sense."

    What I hear him saying is, Just make it fit if it doesn't actually fit. Its ok to deviate from all the protocols when you are framing an innocent man. JMO I do think the Judicial system should be very RIGID when it comes to protocols when you are deciding if you should take away his god given right to freedom. IMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by MysticJynx View Post
    SBM. They had this show that was one side for the states case. It aired in the summer of 2014 or 2015 on a show Called, DID HE DO IT, Season 1 episode 1 Reputation of evil. You can see how they falsified how they found the evidence for dramatic effects. Example when they discuss finding her Car they show them taking a tarp off it, they put that tarp on her car to protect the evidence. KK also talks about it being the planted key that really made him believe he was guilty. Then they show KEYS. However he did say who cares about if they planted the key in his closing. They too left out evidence in his hour cameo. Think the problem with KK is he is mad he didn't get a 10 hour series to hear himself talk like The defense did. And remember the documentary was one to follow a defendant through the system. Thus I would suspect it being Biased to the defendant. Maybe you can find the full episode of Did He DO it out there. Here is the Ad for you.
    Many thanks MysticJynx
    We are not all born equal so Justice always has to be.

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    Hi I got quite a few new clues in the Zodiac Killer z340 cipher and the My Name is cipher and Phillips 66 map and more. https://youtu.be/9iRn2IElIZw Please watch awl videos thank you. It's been 50 years since new clews.

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    New evidence has come to surface:


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    Here is another article-

    'Making a Murderer': Defense Implicates New Avery Nephew in Murder
    In new court filing, attorney Kathleen Zellner says damning evidence shows Bobby Dassey could have been involved in Teresa Halbach's murder.

    The World Has Gone Mad.

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