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    GA - Bear, Lion and Tiger Become an Inseperable Trio After a Sharing a Traumatic Past

    No one can understand the phrase "opposites attract" better than this trio.

    An American black bear, an African lion, and a Bengal tiger are the best of friends at the Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary (NAAS) in Locust Grove, Georgia. In fact, they're known collectively as the BLT (an acronym for bear, lion and tiger) around the rescue center.

    They are so inseparable that the trio shares living quarters, which is usually dangerous for wild animals of different species, according to NAAS Curator Allison Hedgecoth.

    Hedgecoth explained that the danger in placing powerful animals together is that they can often misinterpret each other. While cat species, like Leo the lion and Shere Khan

    the tiger, might be able to coexist, a different species, like Baloo the bear, might be a risky addition because their methods of communicating are completely foreign to each


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