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    Wow, great, there's suddenly an influx of new true crime shows. I just wish more of them would focus less on husband-wife-infidelity-murder subject matter. Stranger killings are much more intriguing.

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    Dateline NBC ought to come to Hillsboro Missouri and do a show on the missing persons in Jefferson County. Amanda Jones, Ron Bolin, and Mark Maty.

    No arrests have been made in any of the cases, but there are two strong suspects, who could use the heat turned up once again.

    Maybe some serious money to get people talking.

    Yes, I am related to one of these missing persons.

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    I really wish they would focus on Sharon Marshall......and use Matt Birkbeck and his book for a good part of it. Spread it over 2 nights maybe. It's such a sordid tale you'd think it would be up their alley....truth is stranger (and sadder) then fiction.
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    Christopher Abeyta baby kidnapped from crib

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    Murder of Janet Marie Christiansen Abaroa

    Janet Abaroa, Durham, NC - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    A good post for details would be the Forensic Astrology Request Post, which has a lot of information with links:

    Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - Forensic Astrology Requests only

    Thank you!
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    Maybe they could solve my niece's case?


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    Is this limited to cases within the United States only?

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    In Pennsylvania, but wishing she was some place else.
    My suggestion would be the case of the Springfield Three. I don't think dateline was around when they went missing. Plus, it's a cold case and the media attention would bring in new leads.

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    Suicide Or Murder?

    I would appreciate Dateline or any national news/documentary station to take on the suspicious death of my son, Joshua Robinson.
    Joshua (19), was found dead in Amsler Park/McGregor, Texas, on February 16 2006. Without investigating or asking me, the mother, any questions, the police presumed his death to be a suicide.
    I contacted former Interim Chief, Chris Molina, on Feb. 22, to inquire into the progress of the investigation. He told me, "We don't begin an investigation until something suspicious is found." I told him the whole thing is suspicious, because my son would not kill himself.
    About two weeks later, I spoke with former Det. Kory Martin. He told me, "As of today, the investigation is over." I asked, "What investigation, Molina told me there wasn't one?" He told me he had conducted his own investigation, speaking with my son, Michael, Josh's girlfriend Kayla, and Mr. Bill Holt, a routine jogger around the park. I knew he hadn't, but to be sure, I told Martin I would call him right back. In the interim, I asked Kayla and Michael. I called Mr. Holt.
    Mr. Holt told me that he had left his house (102 Red Oak) @ 5:15AM, ran west down Red Oak, turned left towards the AMA Hall, and as he cleared the house on the corner, he noticed flashing lights, spotlights, and two police cars. He said he continued his jog, and as he neared the body, he thought it was his son, Justin. He took off running towards his house, woke Justin, explained to him what he had seen, and why he called my house, he says he didn't know.
    He also said he returned to the scene of the crime, asking why he wasn't stopped as he ran from the scene. He was told, 'because we knew who you were, Mr. Holt.'
    I asked Michael and Kayla. Kayla told me she hadn't been questioned by anyone.
    After the phone call from Justin, Michael's friend, I asked Michael to go to the park (one block away), see what's going on, and come right back. He didn't. Michael told me he recognized his brother immediately from the clothes he had on, went into shock, and was placed into an ambulance and treated by EMS personnel. Martin spoke to him at this point. Martin summed Josh's suicide to a fuss between him and myself, concerning Josh seeing a 15 y/o girl, Kayla. This is not true, as I was very aware of their relationship, and had no problem with it.
    I called Martin back, telling him he hadn't spoken to anyone but Michael. He told me found out all he needed to know from him. I told him, "No, I was the last one to see him (or so I thought), had you talked to me, you may have gotten a different perspective!"
    I used the FOIA to obtain 'any and all documents related to the death of my son, Joshua Robinson.' I specifically asked for the time of the 911 call made by the complainant. I was informed that this document had been destroyed! WHY???
    Although all 8 McGregor officers knew Joshua very well, the four former officers, on scene, stated they did not recognize the subject. Yet, only 8 minutes after arriving on scene, one officer ran a wants and warrants check on the 'unknown' subject with NO identification!
    After reviewing the crime scene photos, the dispatch logs, the officers' statements, and the autopsy, I asked questions of the PD:
    1) How and why run a wants and warrants check on an 'unknown' subject with no ID?
    2) How is it possible for former Officer Kirby to have been the first one on the scene, as his patrol car (#1507) was not dispatched to Amsler Park?
    3) Why was former Sgt. Freeman called in to work @ 4:37AM?
    4) Why wasn't this death investigated as a homicide? All deaths are to be investigated as homicides until proven otherwise!
    Former Chief Ron Wadkins: Answer to#1: "It's not like the officers have drivers license numbers in their heads. A wants and warrants check is done in case there's a warrant, it can be dismissed." I replied, "Who cares, he's dead!"
    Current Chief Steve Foster's answer: "The wants and warrants check was NOT done on Joshua Robinson, it was done on the complainant."
    Why two different answers from two different chiefs?
    The complainant told me he called 911 @ 5:15AM. McGregor dispatched ONE officer, Norris, to Amsler Park "For Possible Suicide" @5:35AM. Why the 20 minute lull?
    I also learned that a McGregor patrol officer was the last person to see Joshua alive in Amsler Park @ 1AM! I asked Wadkins which officer, out of two on duty, had seen Joshua. He said, "I can't remember."
    I contacted the Texas Rangers, to request an investigation into my son's suspicious death. I was denied several times over the course of about 2 years.........NOW, he is Chief of Police/McGregor! Coincidence?
    I have contacted the FBI, McLennan County Sheriff, District Attorney, Attorney General, Governor Perry, Dept. of Justice, Senators Hutchinson, Carter, and Cornyn, and Rep. Chet Edwards....to no avail.

    Google Joshua Robinson, and all sorts of sites will pop up about this 'travesty of justice.'

    www.americaiswatching.org (Joshua Robinson) Attached documents within the story, click on the underlined phrases.
    www.realcrimes.com (Joshua Robinson)
    www.blogtalkradio.com/dennisngriffin Commentary on October 6, 2009 (Archived)

    Yes, I would be more than happy to find justice on Dateline!

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    Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Currently living in Des Moines, Iowa
    I urge Dateline to contact me regarding an episode on the controversial murder of Oregon Corrections Director Michael Francke and the subsequent wrongful conviction of Frank Gable.

    I have established personal connections to some of the most significant witnesses at Gable's trial who will avail themselves for interviews. This includes the only "alleged" eyewitness who testified at Gable's trial and has since admitted he lied due to police coercion tactics.

    I offer a most unusual spin that may be of interest to the producers.

    Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever
    achieve greatly.
    --Robert Kennedy-Former US Attorney General

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    Arpana Jinaga, age 24. Murdered 11/1/2008 in Redmond, WA. Still not solved. RIP. She was a wonderful person. Those who knew her, loved her and miss her.

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    Here is the latest link I could find for Arpana Jinaga, a case worth investigating. An intelligent girl, pretty girl murdered after a party. A violent struggle. The police have information which they are sitting on and nothing has happened since her death on November 1, 2008. Please look into this!


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    Exclamation Zodiac Killer

    I just emailed daniel with a brief discription without mentioning names of how I have been solving the Zodiac clues and come up with a name.
    Thanks for this post, I am at a stage where I am becoming impatient. Cold case never replied, neither did my email get a response from Napa valley. So. I am asking daniel to help me connect with the right law enforcement while I await on Websleuth administration(here) about my thread thats currently pulled on my suspect. Iknow we should not show names, but this name is in the Zodiac works and can easily be proven if I could just get it to the right ACTIVE people.
    I feel I could use as much possitive ideas on this as possible.
    I have shared info with a few good friends here in my home town who also agree with me and think I need the shield of media on this one, I just need the right avenue. Do you think Daniel is the right guy?
    I am affraid local police here in Washington state will botch this up and laugh and the cold case funds for the Zodiac expired in California, so I am troubled as to what to do. I will wait for daniels reply as well as WebSleuths administrations call on this. BUT THIS IS URGENT and I don't know how to express that enough. If ZODIAC reads these threads, he could be planning to leave the country.
    I should say as well, there is a new updated sketch of the Zodiac you can find it looking up Zodiac Age preogression sketch. Its creepy to me knowing this sketch is exact as my suspect. Its like his photo redone in pencil.
    Any extra help here is needed. I could use some suggestions beyond the route I am taking. I am sorry. the police to me don't seem like they will listen anyways without someone else in the fray such as media helping me get to the people I need to talk to. I am still trying to solve other works of the Zodiac as well...a map of LAYERS i think he was trying to show the public by having his stuff printed in the media. Any interested sleuthers should read the posts I have under Zodiac Killer. Thanks again for this lead, I think my story will at least open the door to the questioning of a new suspect who fits the profile of the zodiac to the 'Z'.
    I hope Daniel gets my urgent mail and that I can eventually give Websleuths some good praise for giving me such a fantastic medium and avenue to work this out.. ANy other ideas ? Peace to all.

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    I had a great case for dateline

    Quote Originally Posted by Tricia View Post

    Do you know of any crimes where you know who did it and they're on the run? A crime where there's an arrest warrant for a major crime and the suspect hasn't been found? A victim on the hunt for justice?

    E-mail your leads to a producer at Dateline NBC at daniel.slepian@nbc.com

    It's me talking now

    Ok Websleuth members start your investigative engines. Every state must have several identified murder suspects on the run. Get the information, as much as you can come up with, put it in an email, and send it to Dan.

    We have all seen Dan's work on Dateline. He has been with the show for 15 years and works on many law-enforcement related shows. He read Websleuths and called me to ask for our help.

    I know we have the best minds in the world here. Let's show Dateline what we have at WS ok?
    I have a case where three innocen men have been sitting in a jail for more than 16 years with no expectation of being released. I gave it to Slepian. At first he seem very interested. We would get in touch. I never heard from him despite repeated calls and emails.

    This case, IMO, is as good as it gets. I have been doing an investigation with the cooperation of the three innocent men and their families. It is pro-bono as these people have no money. I wouldn't take their money if they had it.....unless they had money to burn. Which they do not.

    Don't get your hopes up with Slepian.

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