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    OK - Joyce Grant, 54, murdered, Oklahoma City, 15 Feb 2016

    Daily Oklahoman:

    Man accused of stalking arrested in Oklahoma City woman's killing

    Oklahoma City police said Merwin Michael Hill, 61, is charged in connection with the death of Joyce Raelyn Grant, 54.
    On Feb. 15, Grant told police Hill had texted her that he was coming over, and she told him to stay away.

    “Joyce Grant was found murdered 11 days later,” investigators wrote.
    Police received a 911 call Friday afternoon from a male who told the dispatcher a woman at Grant's address was badly hurt and was dying, investigators wrote in an affidavit.

    “You'll see when you get there,” the man told the dispatcher when asked how the woman was injured.
    Investigators said Grant had called 911 more than a dozen times to report harassing telephone calls and suspicious activity at her residence. In some of the calls Grant gave the dispatcher Hill's name, and at least once Grant said Hill was stalking her and was going to kill her.
    the rest at link above

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    Sad there could not have been some way to stop her murder. He stabbed Joyce in the back 3 times. He stole her car then called 911 from her car. The "open door chime" of her car could be heard in the 911 call made from his cell phone. In records his cell phone was in the area of her murder at that time.


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