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    VA - Alexia Springer, 17, found dead in her Centreville home, 1 March 2016

    Centreville, Virginia -
    Rona Powell said she started getting calls at work Tuesday morning. The paramedics were at her house.

    "I said I am right around the corner and asked is she ok. He said, you just need to come home and I knew that something terrible had happened."


    The girl's mother Powell said, "I can't even imagine that I can't touch her ever again because of some guy giving her drugs."

    Springer was a junior at Centreville High School. She was a homecoming princess studying to be a dental hygienist. Monday evening, her family explains, she went to a small birthday gathering at a friend's home. They're told she was drinking and that someone gave her a powder which she inhaled.


    When her daughter came home, the family says she texted back and forth with her boyfriend, and then went to sleep. She never woke up.

    Springer's mother said, "People need to be aware again that this is happening and it is killing our teens."

    Springer's aunt, Claudine Westein said, "You just don't know what you are doing and if your friends are doing it, then it is not a big deal anymore, but then you realize it is too much."

    Alexia's Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/alexia.springer.9



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    This is just so tragic and heartbreaking for this young girl and her family.

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    Another horrific loss. So sad.

    RIP Alexia.

    When will this stop?
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    Another stupid, senseless death.

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    Drugs taking another innocent life, RIP Alexia...

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