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    MD - Garnell Munroe Moore, age 7, 2005, not reported missing for 3 years

    I stumbled across Garnell's case, and can't believe we don't have a discussion thread for him already!

    In June 2005 Garnell's extended family realized that none of them had seen him for a long time, so they asked Belinda Cash where he was. Belinda Cash is Garnell's paternal aunt, and she had been raising him prior to his disappearance. She made unconvincing excuses about him being on a school trip, so the family contacted the police.

    Cash told the police that she had no longer wanted to care for Garnell, so she left him on the steps of a social services building in the 500 block of north Hilton Street near Edmondson Avenue in West Baltimore. The police found that the address Cash gave does not exist.

    One of Garnell's Great Aunts remembers seeing him in August 2002, and that is the last known sighting of Garnell.


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    Garnell's NamUs profile: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/2271/0/

    Not being reported for three years is just awful. Thank you for starting this thread, Rayemonde.

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    I've hardly been able to find any information about Garnell's case. I can't believe his aunt wasn't charged with anything, given her story to the police about leaving him on the steps of a building that didn't exist...

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    I'm guessing auntie is guilty of murder and can't believe nothing has been done about this. What a sad situation, if you don't want the kid call relatives first. I'm sure someone would have taken him, he is adorable.

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