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    CA - 9 charged with stealing Katrina relief, San Francisco, 2005

    Contract workers accused of bilking Red Cross of at least $25,000

    Updated: 8:38 p.m. ET Oct. 4, 2005
    SAN FRANCISCO - Nine people were charged with bilking the Red Cross of at least $25,000 donated for Hurricane Katrina victims, the FBI said Tuesday.

    Four suspects were contract workers at a Red Cross national call center in Bakersfield, said U.S. Attorney McGregor W. Scott. The other five allegedly picked up checks they weren’t entitled to.

    “This is very much an ongoing case,” Scott said. “We are probably going to wind up with a lot more people charged.”
    Welcome to the World Baby Caleb!!!

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    What a rotten thing for those people to do. They should be charged big time.
    I can't imagine stealing money that is supposed to go to people that have
    lost everything that they had.

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