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    CA - Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders, 7 girls/young women, 1972-1973

    In 1972-73 there were eight young women murdered in or around Santa Rosa Ca. While the circumstances of all of their deaths are not know some were probably hitchhiking when they were abducted and later murdered and others were known to hitchhike. On was never identified. Seven were later found dumped in wooded areas outside of Santa Rosa. One has not been found.

    While it is possible that all were victims of the same serial killer, it is very possible that two or more different murderers were operating. Two of the bodies were found very close to other dump sites but the locations where bodies were found was publicized in the local paper so it is possible that one killer placed a body where it would be linked to a murder he did not commit.

    There is apparently a belief, held by some Santa Rosa area Lawmen that at least one of the murders was committed by a local Jr College teacher who died in an auto accident in 1976. None of the cases are officially cleared.

    The best overview of the case is http://www.santarosahitchhikermurders.com/. There is lots of other cites with information. There has been suggestion that the Zodiac Killer was involved. It find this unlikely but there is a lot of info on some Zodiac sites.

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    A 16-year-old boy hiking through the wooded hills northeast of Santa Rosa in 1972 stumbled upon a human skull, bleached from the elements. He thought it was an artifact.

    But the skull wasn't from an ancient burial site, as the youth imagined. It was a sign of a young life brutally cut short.

    "They were just little baby girls," said Glenn Frost of the adolescents, aged 12 and 13, whose remains he discovered while with a friend...

    Herbert Slater Junior High students Maureen Sterling, 12, and Yvonne Weber, 13, were dropped off at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena.

    Larry Kursa still says a prayer every time he passes by the lonely Sonoma County road where his older sister Lori was found dumped in the weeds 39 years ago, raped, nude and murdered...

    Kursa would like nothing better than to have an answer to the question that has haunted him all these years: Who killed 13-year-old Lori, and six other girls and young women, in what came to be known as the "Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders" of 1972-73?...

    Sonoma County sheriff's Lt. Steve Brown, who has investigated the killings over the years, said the department doesn't know who killed Lori and the six others, and that any details of the department's active murder probe are confidential.

    "The feeling was that one person committed the killings, and Bundy was looked at," Brown said. "But I always thought it must have been a utility worker or a postal worker, someone familiar with the area."

    John Bly and Scott Bunting, both 17, were out for a Sunday afternoon motorcycle ride through a hilly stretch of road in Santa Rosa on March 6, 1972... One of them spotted what he thought was a mannequin in the creek bed below. When the boys realized they were actually looking at the dead body of a naked young woman, they hightailed it to the sheriff.

    The murdered woman was Kim Wendy Allen, a 19-year-old Santa Rosa Junior College student. Sonoma County Coroner Andrew Johansen determined that Allen died from asphyxiation by being slowly strangled by a cord or rope around her neck... There was also evidence Allen had been raped...

    From 1972 to 1979, the bodies of eight young girls were found dumped in deep embankments and creek beds in rural areas surrounding Santa Rosa. Jeanette Kamahele, 20, another Santa Rosa Junior College student, and Lori Lee Kursa, 13, a habitual runaway, both went missing in 1972. Carolyn Davis, 15, and Terese Walsh, 13, were found in 1973. A Jane Doe was found on July 2, 1979 around 100 yards from where Lori Kursa’s remains were discovered.

    Most had been raped, and all had been found nude except in the case of Jeanette Kamahele — where a body was never found at all.

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    Possible candidate for the Jane Doe's identity? http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/p/pope_paula.html Timeline works; Paula vanished shortly before her 19th birthday in September 1972 about two-and-a-half hours from Santa Rosa and was last known to be hitchhiking towards Sacramento, which she would have had to pass through to get there. She wore hard contact lenses and had red/brown hair. No mention of a previously broken rib and height is a little below the estimate but not enough for me to discount her.

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    Link to Paula's thread: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ght=paula+pope and Sonoma County Jane Doe (1979)'s thread: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...og-tied-Jul-79.

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    Thanks for sharing this. "First Annual Carson City Labor Day Music & Art Festival" at T-Car Speedway has been mentioned on Paula Ann Pope's websleuths page as possibly the concert that she went to, but I'm not sure if it was confirmed. Could be interesting to see if there were any big name acts on the bill. Wouldn't the bands have been big names for Paula to be so upset that her husband couldn't attend. What kind of crowd would attend this event?
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