In 1972-73 there were eight young women murdered in or around Santa Rosa Ca. While the circumstances of all of their deaths are not know some were probably hitchhiking when they were abducted and later murdered and others were known to hitchhike. On was never identified. Seven were later found dumped in wooded areas outside of Santa Rosa. One has not been found.

While it is possible that all were victims of the same serial killer, it is very possible that two or more different murderers were operating. Two of the bodies were found very close to other dump sites but the locations where bodies were found was publicized in the local paper so it is possible that one killer placed a body where it would be linked to a murder he did not commit.

There is apparently a belief, held by some Santa Rosa area Lawmen that at least one of the murders was committed by a local Jr College teacher who died in an auto accident in 1976. None of the cases are officially cleared.

The best overview of the case is There is lots of other cites with information. There has been suggestion that the Zodiac Killer was involved. It find this unlikely but there is a lot of info on some Zodiac sites.