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    FL - Michael 'Chip' Campbell, 36, Milton, 5 March 2016

    "Chip" Michael Campbell, 36, was last seen when he was dropped off at his home Sunday, March 6 in Milton, FL.

    Chip is 6'2", weighs 200 pounds, has brown eyes and salt and pepper hair. He has a tattoo on one of his arms.

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    Finding CHIP Campbell Milton, Florida

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    Quote Originally Posted by KateB View Post
    Finding CHIP Campbell Milton, Florida
    It's is mentioned in this group that he is insulin dependent. :-/

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    Heartbreaking reading the comments by family. On the link above, it states his cell phone was found with battery removed and on factory reset. This is very strange.
    Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings, where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.

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    Very heartbreaking. What's even worse is Detective Nelson and the other cops don't seem to consider it a priority. They believe it was drug related. The family continues to put pressure on them but it is now considered a "cold case". WHAT? It's only been 4 months. Not sure if they have anybody in custody, but by reading the recent FB posts, it appears as though they know who was involved. This man lives very close to me, although I didn't know him.

    On July 5th, this was posted:

    All of the Finger Prints are back from FDLE. You need to go ahead and kiss your children goodbye and pull that needle from your arm because none of you will need it where you are going. You see, the courts do not like people who Manufacture Methamphetamine especially when you are using the home of a man who is legally listed as MISSING & ENDANGERED!
    On June 6, 2016, while your "best friend and roommate" is still missing, and while working on a TIP, HALO INVESTIGATIONS, searched the attic space of the family home that Chip Michael Campbell had opened up to you.
    Imagine everyone's surprise when they found the Methamphetamine Lab you left hidden in the attic of Chip Campbell's family home. Of course HALO INVESTIGATIONS immediately called the Santa Rosa Sheriff Department, who, after seeing the copious amounts of ready made METHAMPHETAMINES, called in a SPECIALIZED NARCOTICS UNIT.
    The Specialized Narcotics Unit carefully collected the large amount of ready made methamphetamine, all of the ingredients which could have been used to manufacturer more methamphetamine, and all of the equipment used to manufacturer methamphetamine.
    Typically when these types of methamphetamine labs are found someone goes to prison. And because no one present in the home was taken into custody the day this manufacturing equipment and methamphetamines was found, the Specialized Narcotics Unit has assured us that each of these items WILL be dusted for fingerprints and the persons responsible will be held accountable for this crime!
    It was with complete disregard for Chip and his family when you stored your methamphetamine lab in the same attic space that housed all of the memories from Chip's past. Wow! Even his childhood toys were used in a crude attempt to conceal the narcotics you were manufacturing in his home after he went missing.
    You see, when Chip first went missing, over 90 days ago, that residence had been thoroughly searched to include the attic space by KLAAS KIDS, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Department to include their CSI Unit. They could say with no doubt, that there was NO METHAMPHETAMINE LAB in the attic of that residence at the time of each of those searches.
    Because these were well documented searches, we can say beyond a shadow of doubt that these items could have only been left in that space during the 3 week time period when you had sole access to that residence.
    As time continues to pass by and more information is derived out of the depths of the secrecy that once engulfed your life of crime and drug use, the fate of our loved one, Chip Campbell and why he went missing becomes more obvious to our family.
    I guess running a methamphetamine lab out of the home of your "best friend and roommate" is what one does in place of searching when that "best friend and roommate" goes missing?
    I would personally like to thank the "TIPSTER" for your spot on information, HALO INVESTIGATION for their relentless desire to find the truth, and a special high five to you for leaving your methamphetamine lab behind!
    As always, I am not a spokesperson for the Campbell family, just one pissed off cousin who is determined to find out what happened to her cousin.


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    There was also a reading done by a forensic psychic that was very interesting.

    The astrology reading revised. You will understand why this is important when you get to the end.
    Let me also say WE DO NOT KNOW THIS ASTROLOGIST. Someone ran across the reading and sent it to us. There was also no charge for this reading. Most of the information at the end has not been made public until today. Therefore the astrologist would have no way of knowing any of this.
    The time he was last seen, when he was dropped off at his home. The charts show him getting out of the car and going into his home. Someone was in his home, practically hiding behind the door as he enters. He knew this person. These two people, Chip and his attacker, have partied together at some time, perhaps even been involved in something illegal. It is possible to presume that this person was running from the law. I do not know about Chip's habits but this person was certainly trouble.
    He was in his "own place" so to speak. He hasn't been abducted, forced or kidnapped. But there was violence and there may have been a fight over the living quarters. Chip may have wanted this person to go to his "own home" and not stay with him here but it may be that this is what the intruder wanted. To squat at Chips' home and this may be why I see a criminal hideout. He is looking to hide from the cops, perhaps. So this person is trying to move in. That is exactly what this looks like.
    I am wondering if someone had recently moved out of Chip's home? If so, then they came back and were unwanted. This person had planned to live elsewhere and has since changed circumstances. These people are not related. This is not this person's child. Although it may look like a child is involved, I don't think so. I think this person stole something or lied about something serious at the previous abode and was tossed out. This person is untrustworthy and Chip knew this. And his rejection started a fight during which Chip defended himself and this over the residence.
    Chip may have died during this fight. Sagittarius marks ammunition and pointed weapons so he may have been shot or stabbed. He was attacked shortly after he entered the home and the fight began after he asked this other person to leave.
    An hour later, shows them all in car together. This person was taking Chip someplace else to leave him with another person, perhaps in confinement. Here he is still alive. The charts do imply a beating or, at the least, an assault or attack. He has likely been hit hard over the head and pointed weapons such as arrows and knives. They take him to this other place to beat him up or kill him. It all starts with idea of kicking his ass, so to speak. They were beating him up real bad or killing him at his own home would leave too much evidence so this new location would serve as a better ruse to keep the discovery from happening.
    This chart shows that Chip has died. It shows a beating and it is disposed of. It also implies more than one assailant. Someone who came along later in a car that was not seen or someone hiding in the car that brought Chip and the third person to the new location. This second location as a nice home. There may have been birds in cages or an aviary. Chip had been to this place before and was familiar with it. So I am positive he knew his killer. This new location as a criminal hangout. Drugs and alcohol may have been used here and there are people who are running from the law. Uranus in Aries here describes a hideout of sort. They brought Chip here to kill him and may have put other people here in past. This person who killed Chip killed these others as well.
    I want to give a general description of this person who abducted and killed Mr. Campbell. In the death chart this person is somebody young, perhaps younger than Chip. Pisces describes someone different in some way, such as colorful or perverse. This person is likely a student in school, perhaps college. Loves books, reading and study. He may be a perennial student, liking to study much more than working. He may have a drug habit or an alcoholic; in general, a person who likes to indulge in fantasy. He may be a student, a reader and a lover of poetry. Perhaps he wants to write and is studying writing. Perhaps he has written poetry or a book. The combination of markers is suggestive of dark hair and blue eyes, fair skin and a small frame. This is general and does seem to suggest someone too young and small to beat up a man the size of Chip Campbell. But it is my belief that weapons were used. There was also an accomplice, someone young as well. He may also be someone larger and more aggressive. This second person, according to aspects, is likely to be light haired with brown eyes and darker skin. Race is non exclusive and no particular race or ethic background.
    For one thing, I am very sympathetic because I am an insulin dependent diabetic and I see that he had an accident in January from a diabetic emergency. So my heart goes out. I was without medication and went into Ketoacidosis and almost died so I am fearful for his fate. But the charts are pretty firm. He looks dead in every chart I pull except for 4 pm on March 8, when he was supposedly in a Circle K. I do not see him in a public place, which is confusing for me, but I see that he is in the company of a dangerous criminal. There are illegal street drugs involved in this. Perhaps this was the purpose for the bags he was carrying? This was a drop off? Anyways, other markers point to his home where violence occurred, and then the rulers change and the markers indicate he will never be seen again. I hate this marker but I see it a lot in cases where people are just gone. But I then see a real beat down or a shooting and his death at 7 am on March 9. This is not at the same home he was at in the first analysis, but something WAS buried in that yard. He was killed by someone he knew or thought of as a "friend" in some manner, or at least was an acquaintance. This was not a stranger abduction. Saturn again shows a burial in the woods but just not where I first saw it. This time, it is a wooded area along an interstate or major highway system, heading west away from his home. Does any of this sound plausible?

    What we know! There was more than 1 person in the house the day Chip went missing. There was at least 1 female. And 2 males.

    There had been a fire in the burn pit. It contained both an arrow and knives.
    There was a gun present.
    Drugs were involved.
    The female was a resident in the house.
    Because the dynamics of the house was changing the female was told to leave.
    The female was "hiding" from law enforcement. We know this because she was arrested the next day on a failure to appear warrant.
    On the day the female was arrested she had evidence of a black eye.
    At the time of her arrest she invoked "SQUATTERS. RIGHTS " to the residence to keep family from entering the home.
    Another person who was present in the home the day Chip went missing had an icepack on his knee.
    This same person was also about 11 years younger than Chip.
    The last time Chip was seen alive he also had a black eye.
    The female had stolen from Chip and also stole checks from an elderly family member of Chip's. She cashed these checks.
    There is a head imprint on the kitchen wall.
    Chip has not been seen or heard from since March 8.

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    Klaas kids just posted this

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