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    CO - Christopher Gagon, 3, Eagle, 27 June 2015

    Have you seen Christopher Gagon and his sister Haley Coblentz, 4? They were traveling with the mother Shawna Browning, 23, and her friend Lauren Harrison.
    There is a detective on the case. New case # 16-473 Eagle Sheriff's Phone # 970.479.2200 OR 970.328.8500


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    Shawna's FB...


    Why have they been missing for almost a year and only now there's an article about it? A quick search found an interesting post by TE on the FB page "Missing in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado" from December 2015.

    Prayers to Christopher and his sister.
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    Just to highlight, the reporter who posted this missing poster is from Washington (state), even though Christopher is missing from Colorado.

    MISSING: Authorities believe Shawna Browning may be hiding in Arlington or the Snohomish County area with her son who she does not have custody of. They were in Arlington at Cascade Valley Hospital on October 13th. Police are asking for helping finding 3-year-old Christopher Gagon and his sister, 4 year old Haley-Mae Coblentz. The children have different fathers. They were spotted here in Washington last Fall and could still be here.

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