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    Idaho Weatherman Stands By Theory Despite National Ridicule

    Does Dark Knight know about this?

    To be clear, weatherman Scott Stevens of Pocatello says he never claimed the Japanese Mafia actually created Hurricane Katrina as revenge for the World War II atomic bombings.

    He said they could have.

    "I believe they have the technology, as do the Russians and the Americans. As for who actually did it, that's a hard call," Stevens told Local 2 News.

    But his comments have brought the Twin Falls native national attention -- and ridicule. He's been in newspapers all over the country and has appeared on national radio and TV shows.

    Stevens, 39, also says the Bush Administration has the power to have stopped Katrina, but intentionally did not.

    Why not? "It was a federal grab for local and state authority," he said.

    Talking with Scott Stevens is to buckle up for a bumpy ride. He speaks passionately about a war waged for economic and geopolitical purposes by nations and groups who manipulate the weather through an electromagnetic global grid.

    And, yes, he's aware many meteorologists think he's a kook.

    But he insists people, not nature, have been controlling the weather for the past 30 years.


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    Blaming the weather on the government is wacko. Everyone knows Charlton Heston controls the weather.

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