Unsolved Homicide-Eddie Gerardo

The family still waits for answers. His sister still after all these years misses her “big brother” and want justice. She has asked us to shared Eddie’s story in hopes that someone will come forward to try to help bring a small amount of peace to the family.

Around 10 p.m. on April 7, 1988, Caledonia police responded to the 7200 block of Lakeshore Drive in the Crestview subdivision . The call came in from a passerby who thought a boy had fallen off his bike, Caledonia Police stated.

An officer who arrived on the scene instead found a critically injured 22-year-old Eddie Gerardo lying in a driveway. Eddie was rushed to the hospital where he died of stab wounds.

Caledonia cold case: Man stabbed in ’88 would have been 50 this year; “Wanting him to rest in peace”

Eddie Gerardo would have been 50 years old this year -- but the Racine man never made it past his 22nd birthday. He was stabbed to death in 1988 -- and his killer hasn't been found.

Gerardo was found by someone walking a dog, and now, a tombstone marks the end of his young life.
Caledonia police say they’ve had the same suspects for nearly three decades -- but not enough evidence for charges.

"They were known to be friends at one point. I met both of them at one point. For obvious reasons, I can't release their names. They know who they are," Eva Gerardo said.
"He came to me and said, 'I'm at peace now. I'm at peace.' But until the answers are truly found and people are held accountable, I owe my brother. He was there for me in life and I’m going to be there for him in death," Eva Gerardo said.
Cold not closed: A family still waits for justice - April 2009

Caledonia police launched a full investigation into Eddie's death in 1988. They had a suspect in the case, but never gathered enough evidence to make an arrest. About seven or eight years ago police started a cold case investigation of the homicide, Stannis said.

For months an investigator from their department and an investigator from the Racine County Sheriff's Department worked on nothing else.

"They came to a conclusion that was different than the first investigation," Stannis said. "They came up with a different suspect."

Caledonia police still believe the suspect from the second investigation is the person who killed Gerardo, but they don't have enough evidence to arrest him.
Caledonia slaying remains unsolved - April 1990