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    Canada - Lorraine Legault, 3, Montreal, 25 June 1979

    Lorraine Legault was playing outside her grandfather's home in June of 1979. Her grandfather went to make some coffee and when he returned to the window, she was gone. An earlier story says that a man with blonde hair abducted Lorraine; another says that the abductor was a "young, acne-faced man".

    Police have long believed that a relative was involved in the abduction and that Lorraine was later sold. Her grandparents didn't believe that to be the case and felt that other avenues were not fully investigated. Lorraine had lived with her grandparents since the age of six months.

    Investigators have announced that they have reopen the case.

    Montreal police reopen missing child case dating back to 1979

    Under a polygraph test administered by police, the mother said she had received offers to buy the child.

    The father refused to take a polygraph test.

    Police speculated at the time that the most likely reason for her disappearance was that she was possibly sold to foreigners.

    June 28, 1979 Newspaper Article

    December 19, 1979 Newspaper Article

    Missing Poster for Lorraine

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    As per above post, wonder why the US had interest in this mp and how they knew to contact LE from Montreal?


    Lorraine Legault 3
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    Is anyone else from her family missing, too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dotr View Post
    As per above post, wonder why the US had interest in this mp and how they knew to contact LE from Montreal?
    Yes, I noticed that as well. It turned out not to be related though. Still, it was good that they decided to publicize her case again.


    The local police force said it was recently contacted by American authorities to examine information in connection to Legault’s disappearance. The information did not turn out to be related.
    Constable Manuel Couture said an investigator with the Montreal police decided to circulate an old photo of the young girl — with the family’s blessings — to keep the investigation rolling. Authorities also published a drawing of what Lorraine Legault could look like today.

    Legault’s case did not appear in Enfant-Retour Québec’s database — an organization that works on cases of missing children. Pina Arcamone, the program’s director general, said the organization was founded in 1985 and had not heard of the cold case until police asked for Enfant-Retour’s help in distributing posters in December.

    June 27, 1979 Newspaper Article
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    Wait...mom said she had "received offers to buy the child"?? Does that mean that she was trying to find a buyer, for whatever reason? Because in my experience, it's not exactly the norm that someone would just casually come up to you and offer to purchase your baby.

    The December 1979 article says that Lorraine had lived with her grandparents since she was an infant because they "were having trouble making ends meet." Yet in this same article, the writer emphasizes how arthritic and elderly they are; surely having to raise such a young child couldn't have been easy for them. It would be one thing if the parents were dead or otherwise not in the picture, but they supposedly were. If the problem was really just financial, wouldn't it have been easier for the parents to keep her themselves and perhaps the grandparents simply contribute a few dollars along the way? So I'm thinking perhaps something else was going on and the financial angle offered as a cover.

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