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    "Demolition crew tears down wrong house, blames Google Maps" Rowlett TX Mar 2016

    Hoping no other people w tornado-damaged homes suffer this fate.

    "WFAA reported that the demolition company, Billy L. Nabors Demolition, was supposed to demolish a duplex a block away.The company would not clarify it demolished the wrong home. A text from an employee shows a digital pin on the map points a block away to Cutter's and Diaz's house.
    Records show that the company had a demolition permit for another duplex one that was not Cutter's and Diaz's house.
    George Gomez, CEO of the company, said the crew thought it tore down the right house until it realized its mistake, adding that it was "not a big deal." bbm
    http://www.kiro7.com/news/trending-n...maps/178998253 (Mar 24)

    Not a 'big deal?' Kinda like a practical joke? Not hearing any LOLs, Mr Gomez.

    IIUC, not even on the correct street.
    "The demolition permit for 7601 and 7603 Cousteau confirms that Billy L. Nabors Demolition erred in tearing down another duplex a block over on Calypso on Tuesday." bbm
    Video at this link http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/dalla...wlett/97622816 (Mar 24)

    A crying shame.

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    I hope they have to rebuild the homes and compensate the families. Only after they are forced to sift by hand through the wreckage to salvage the families belongings.

    The reality is, they will close the company and reopen under a new name. Devastating.

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    Just realized I have very few problems.
    Those poor people.
    This is one case where a lawsuit would be a very good thing, imo.

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