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    GA - Peach Co., Fem Skeletal off Hwy 49, Screws in Rt Ankle, Mar'16 Angela R Gilbert:

    Authorities discover a clue in skeletal remains in Peach County

    ...Authorities investigating the discovery of a human skull and other skeletal remains off Ga. 49 are focusing on a clue that could help piece together the puzzle.Enough remains had been recovered by Thursday afternoon to determine that "this individual had major surgery on the right ankle," said Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese. "It required two screws in the joint.

    "I've been talking to the medical examiner with the state, and she told us that would have required this person to walk with an obvious limp," Deese said. "So that might narrow the list of missing people down big time for us."

    About 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, a railroad worker saw a human skull lying in the wood line near the railroad tracks that parallel Ga. 49....

    ...The crime scene is located about three miles south of Fort Valley on Ga. 49 between Fort Valley and Marshallville. The area authorities are combing stretches down an embankment into a wooded area between Ga. 49 and the railroad tracks....

    ...Authorities have placed the remains on a table like a puzzle, Deese said. About 60 percent of the skeleton has taken shape, he said.

    Confusing the process has been the discovery of animal bones, including those from hog and deer, that also must be sorted through, Deese said ...

    ...The remains will go to a GBI crime lab in Atlanta for DNA and dental testing. The skull included intact teeth, Deese said. Authorities think the bones have been in the woods for at least 18 months....
    more at: http://www.macon.com/news/local/comm...link=mainstage

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    would they be able to get a serial number from the metal plate?

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    Here's video from the recovery scene:

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    Robin Flynn, Florida case from 1998 -


    "allegedly has steel rod or screws in left leg or ankle"

    Melanie Metheny, West Virginia case from 2006 -


    "Surgical scar on right ankle, plate and two screws"

    Jose Herrera Avila, Florida case from 2008 -


    "screws and titanium in right leg from the ankle until halfway up the leg; also in forearm near wrist"
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    An identification has been made ...Angela Renee Gilbert:

    Skeletal remains found in Peach County identified as missing Jackson woman

    Skeletal remains found this year off Ga. 49 in Peach County have been identified as a missing Jackson woman, authorities said.

    Angela Renee Gilbert was 56 when she was last seen alive in 2010. In March, a railroad worker saw a human skull lying in the wood line near the railroad tracks that parallel Ga. 49 about th(r)ee miles south of Fort Valley. ...
    more at: http://www.macon.com/news/local/comm...nk=latest_side

    Also see: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...8#post12768778

    Rest in peace, Angela.
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    Rest in peace, Angela. These past 6 years must have been incredibly hard on her family.

    More from the Macon.com article

    She was wearing a dark red shirt, knee-length brown shorts and white sandals. It was probably about 4:30 to 5 p.m. She did not come home.ďI remember it like it was yesterday,Ē said her husband of 17 years. ďIíve cried every day for these six years wondering where she was and what happened.Ē
    On Sept. 4, 2010, a Fort Valley police officer saw a woman sitting in a ditch behind the Burger King at 302 Commercial Heights in Fort Valley.
    He asked her if she was all right, and she told him that she didnít need any help. Deese thinks that probably happened sometime after midnight.
    Later, at 3:47 a.m., Peach County 911 received a call of suspicious vehicle at the same Burger King. Police found Gilbertís car in the parking lot.
    A door was open, the keys were inside and her pocketbook was in the front seat. Her driverís license was in her wallet

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