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    Pamela Anderson's Stalker . . . serious nutbag!!

    Here are the highlights:

    LOS ANGELES Pamela Anderson's alleged stalker says he's just a polite Englishman who came to America to make it big in Hollywood and to spread world peace.

    "I came here to pursue the American dream. I've sent projects all over the place. I'm trying to get my break," William Peter Stansfield told Courttv.com. "I was extremely polite with Miss Anderson. I wasn't rude. There was nothing like me pushing myself on her to get a date. It was nothing like that."

    * * *

    Stansfield's pursuit of the "Baywatch" beauty's attention began in August when he showed up unannounced at the house of Anderson's sister-in-law asking if she would pass along a business proposal he had devised for the 38-year-old celebrity.

    * * *

    But Stansfield returned less than a week later with another package.

    * * *

    He also left documents in Anderson's mailbox, and approached the star's mother and two sons at the Malibu post office with letters describing why Anderson should fire her manager and hire him.

    * * *

    Stansfield, who claims the noble title of Lord Stansfield of Todmorden, says he is a freelance journalist and peace activist who currently lives in a tent in the backyard of a friend's house near Malibu.

    His "career business plan" for Anderson laid in bullet points, he says, included his idea for an "ER"-style TV show he titled "Pulse Rate," starring Anderson and Oprah Winfrey; a variety show starring Anderson and Britney Spears he called "The Groovy Gang"; the creation of a vegan restaurant and a vegan cookbook she could co-author with fellow vegan Boy George; and plans to give Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money with a bid to elect Pamela Anderson governor of California.

    * * *

    Stansfield promises he will no longer seek Anderson out. He also hopes to continue to pursue his other dreams, namely, the creation of a world peace foundation in Malibu, a campaign for Oprah Winfrey to run for the Democratic presidential nomination, and the development of a late-night comedy show he's written for shock jock Howard Stern.

    "It's called 'Late Night with Lord Stern and Lady Petra,'" Stansfield says, adding that he would play Petra a character he says he perfected in a stand-up comedy drag act.


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    Yeah, so where's the weird part?

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    Pamela Anderson's Stalker

    Gee,s plenty of wierd in there. I am sure Pam would have loved to hang out with this guy!!!!!

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