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    UK - Samuel Wilson, 55, Dromore, 18 Oct 1966

    Samuel Turner Wilson crashed his car on 18 Oct 1966 in Dromore, Northern Ireland and after asking someone for help, he disappeared. There was talk of him possibly losing his memory, and washing in the river nearby, fell in and drown. He apparently was spotted in 1975 in Toronto by someone who knew him, he greeted the person and walked away. More recently he has perhaps been spotted in Melbourne, Australia.

    The likelihood of him still being alive is slim to none, he would be 105 now.

    Last year he was listed on Australias missing persons database:



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    Hmm...so even if he did lose his memory, how would he have made his way from Ireland to Canada? I would presume he couldn't exactly access any bank accounts under the circumstances, but I wouldn't think he would have had that kind of cash on his person. So how did he make such a major journey?

    As for the friend who spotted him in Toronto years later, presumably he knew that Wilson was a missing person. So how exactly did that meeting go? Wilson greeted him, walked away casually...and the friend let him?? You'd imagine trying to keep him on the spot, getting the authorities, what have you. I wish we had more detail of precisely what happened that day.

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